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  1. 4 minutes ago, Stickman said:

    And why was the 5th round draw done as well ? Shite like that hasn't happened before but hey it's teams playing weakened sides that's ruining the tradition of the cup

    It is I believe to help with planning given that the fixtures are going to be so close together. The 5th round games will all be midweek... 

  2. If I was in GW’s position, I might be looking at next season and seeing the midfield first choice being Thiago, Fabinho and Henderson. GW will be 31 next season – as will Henderson. If a successor to Henderson is looked for that player will be ahead of GW. So, the risk is that for the last 3-4 years of his career (assuming he will be finishing at 34/35) he is at a big club, with a good contract, but a squad player. He is too good a player to be squad at Liverpool but the longer he is the less likely he is to get a move to a good club. Moving this season on a free makes a lot of career sense.


    I wish that this was not the case.

  3. I was alone thinking I was just fine
    I wasn't looking for anyone to be mine
    I thought bum was just a fabrication
    A train that wouldn't stop at my station
    Home, alone, that was my consignment
    Solitary confinement
    So when we met I was skirting around you
    I didn't know I was looking for bum
    Until I found you

  4. 23 minutes ago, Bob Spunkmouse said:

    They could be. Are they significantly worse than we were before we signed Suarez and had sterling and coutinho come through/step up a level?


    the team we almost won the league with under Rodgers was a decent side, and challenged, but it wasn’t exactly Brazil 70 however much fun it was to watch that year and however good we could be on our day.


    the reality is though that you need an awful lot to fall for you when you have a good team that’s great on its day, while competing against great teams. We found that out.


    are they worse than Leicester were when they won it? They play worse football but man for man they’re similar levels so 2-3 good signings makes them challengers.


    outside challengers, and at a level I have no fear of them being at, but challengers nonetheless.

    Plus no Europe that year, and (from memory) early exits in the Cups (one courtesy of Howard Webb?). I think we played something crazy like 43 games all season.

  5. 8 hours ago, Jose Jones said:

    They didn't retrospectively award the win to the second place finisher in the Tour de France after stripping Armstrong.  So in that case you do want us to claim the trophies?



    In some cases they had to drag the 6th or 7th place person out of retirement because the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc rider had also been banned. The rules for doping are different though, a doping violation in an individual event or comp = DQ. A DQ is effectively the same as never having competed, so it has to go down the results chain. 

  6. 3 hours ago, sh#t waffle said:

    £10 a ticket with the club making up the difference to Shrewbury. Never going to happen, and would cost a fair few quid, but would enable the club to claw back some positivity with both our fans and the press.

    Agreed. If Shrewsbury are bringing (say) 5,000 and they would have paid £50 a ticket, that's £250,000 for the club. If they get charged £10 a ticket the £200,000 difference is not going to hurt LFC's bottom line. But there will doubtless be some FA Rule that forbids a club subsiding another blah blah blah.

  7. It feels like him saying 'The Party is not a racist party and I refute any suggestion that anti-semitism is somehow endorsed by the leadership of the Party - but I am very concerned that the Chief Rabbi has felt it necessary to make these remarks and will be seeking a meeting with him as soon as we are elected' would have been pretty low risk/high reward...