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  1. I regret to say that I fancy Everton.
  2. To have matched the first half of the season KK would have needed 15 extra points - the last 19 games included defeats to City, Bolton, United, Arsenal, Sunderland, QPR, Wigan, Newcastle, WBA, Fulham and Swansea. And the unforgettable draws against Villa, Stoke and Spurs. If that 15 points had included a win against Spurs that would have meant 4th place. If Arsenal, Spurs, Everton or WBA win their next game they will have 33 points, and you'd expect one of them to finish 4th. So 33/34 points is a decent launch pad to kick on for 4th, especially when you are not in Europe. If my auntie had balls etc but any manager would have been on very shaky ground with that scale of f-up, not least with the money given to him in the preceding summer.
  3. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Fulham (H) match thread

    The internet signal at Anfield is a law to itself. Why did Allen come on? I wasn't really paying attention. Shelvey had a nothing of a game though, would have preferred to see JH come on. It looked a great pass for the 2nd goal.
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    Fulham (H) match thread

    It is extremely wet here. Allen saved for the Stoke tussle on Weds night, that's more of his game. Cole not on the bench it seems?
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    Other football

    I think you mean "you're all mad". Nothing pricks like a misplaced apostrophe.
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    Other football

    That decision beggars belief. He put his arms up to stop the ball hitting him.
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    Other football

    Er - how was that handball not a penalty? Astonishing.
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    tears in my eye

    Also those moaning about Macca, this really isnt the time. He's done more than enough for this city thrice over. Quite. Some off stuff in the other Earnest Bollocks thread. Which would have been just as earnest and indignant if he had declined to get involved I expect. Getting it off of iTunes is very simple.
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    the end of te world

    If anyone needs large amounts of tinned food please let me know. I could do with freeing up some space now.
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    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    The way employment works is that it can be both commercially sound to fire someone and also unfair. Happens all the time. The only surprise is that the case has only just settled - the most likely explanation is that DC held out for an inflated settlement. Which would be ironic. He and KD presided over an outlay of 100m+ on players who are now worth less then half that and who cannot hold down a place in the team (or sometimes the bench). Mistakes that are casting as long a shadow as RB's mistakes with Alonso.