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  1. 34 minutes ago, manwiththestick said:

    Blink are my absolute guilty pleasure, seen them live 5 times ( all before De Longe left), first time in 97 at Leeds as part or the Warped tour. 


    They're better than given credit for, their first few albums were great, obviously Enema of the State took them mainstream, their next album after that wasn't the best but I really like the self titled offering released before their "hiatus".


    They should have called it a day when Delonge went off to pursue aliens, Matt Skiba is great and I love his band Alkaline Trio but he i square peg in round hole in present day Blink.

    Yeah, they're not Blink 182 anymore as far as I can see. 


    Also, Travis Barker is a brilliant drummer. 

  2. 20 hours ago, liverpoolsno9 said:

    There’s an article below that states 22 of our 35 players are asthmatic, 5 times higher than the UK's 12% average. Having all these asthmatics enables our players to legally take PEDs. Obviously, in GOT world, this is irrefutable evidence that we were drugged up and the reason Buvac left because he didn’t agree with Klopp on it. 







    Player Valuation: £10m
    At last the truth is starting to leak out.
    They won't be the only club doing it but they have certainly taken to the max.
    The media should be absolutely all over this - but as we know there will not
    be a squeak. At least we know now. They have drugged their way to the two trophies
    they have recently won. Cheats of the highest order.

    Its gaining momentum big time. It is hard to suppress the massive wishful thinking here but if this starts to get going they could be tarnished


    it’s getting swept under the carpet by the ‘Powers that be’..........



    Apart from one article and one Twitter feed, I haven't seen much else. Like the story about them hacking City's computers, it'll all be swept under the carpet and forgotten about in a few weeks.




    If a surprising amount are "hypothroid" too, then thyroxine will give you a cover for metabolism enhancing recovery drugs. Note it mentions that the "brains" of the lfc operation had a fall out with herr klopp, before they started this lung busting run in the league a few years back?







     "It is hard to suppress the massive wishful thinking here but..."


    This should be every Everton fan's motto. Literally none of them can suppress massive wishful thinking even in the most outlandish circumstances. 

  3. Thought this was brilliant. Random thoughts:


    Houllier was great until his heart attack. 2001 is still possibly my favourite season (well apart from the one just gone). 


    Evans, Houllier, Rafa, Rodgers - with a  bit more fortune all really could (should?) have won a league each. 


    I know a lot of the players said he was cold, but Rafa always came across as very friendly to me. Maybe it was just later on in his life. Is he still in China?? 


    Nice to see a bit of a spotlight on Barnes.


    Michael Owen came across very well and you know what he always does IMO. His interview with Carragher on that podcast was brilliant. 


    There must have been some rewriting of history from Parry and Ayre! Didn't we have another chief exec after Party and before Ayre? 


    I wish I was as articulate, thoughtful, smart and funny as Klopp. It's not even his first language but he always says the right thing about everything. 

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  4. I don't understand this Suarez transfer to Juventus business at all. 


    So, he's still got a year left at Barcelona which if he played a certain amount of games would become two years.


    But Juve are getting him on a free?


    And he wants Barca to pay this coming season's wages in one lump sum? 


    Why is he free? Why would Barca pay him wages for a season he wouldn't even be their player? Why does he want to leave Barca anyway I thought that was his forever club?  


    Modern football is shit. 

  5. 2 hours ago, dandyman said:

    185m gross, 109m net

    he was obviously owed 76m by the club but he’s written that off and just ploughed a load more in and decided he doesn’t want any of it back!


    probably inheriting the land the ground is on and will make his money back that way



    That land will be cursed, like in Poltergeist.