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  1. Nirvana - the last, great rock band. New music has basically been shit and lazy since 1994. And the only good rock star is a dead rock star. Nevermind and - in particular - In Utero are classic albums. They had a reputation as a great live band. MTV Unplugged is brilliant. Throw in a rock and roll wife and a suicide and it's all wrapped up as a classic rock and roll tale. 



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  2. On 12/09/2020 at 09:00, Remmie said:

    Yeah Chandler seems spectacularly unfunny now though Joey and Ross are still pretty good. Pheobe can get in the bin the annoying cunt, Rachel's nips have aged well and I would have loved to bum the shit out of Monica. 

    Yeah even now watching back Jennifer Aniston is still stunning. To be fair Cox was fit too. But Aniston was top level talent. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Gnasher said:

    Yeah ok I phrased it wrong, I can understand the elderly and people with health concerns being very cautious but I can also understand young people basically doing what young people have been doing from year dot, which is basically not really caring about consequences.

    There's always gangs of kids round the shops by us. You'd think they'd want to wear masks they've always got big fucking coats zipped up as far as they'll go!


    Also, my eldest's school has told parents to wear masks cos the first few days of drop off and pick up were farcical with parents just in big groups. Still plenty who don't. You'd think they'd be embarrassed since the teachers are wearing them outside school as well. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Gnasher said:

    The budget for the nhs england is approx 115 billion a year. Moonspunk is set to cost 100 billion. Add that 100 billion to what has already been spent and the cost to the economy and its fucking madness.



    No no no. It's the office workers not going to Pret, and Tesco Express, and Timpsons, that's what's tanking the economy. It must be true it was in the Daily Telegraph. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, Gnasher said:

    Not the point,  I'm just trying to balance the debate .The hysteria over this so called second wave seems well over played. 


    Obviously if the the death rate rises then action should be taken but as we have opened schools, pubs, work etc a spike in young people contracting the virus is predictable, thankfully the virus does not seem to do serious harm to that group of people. 


    The graphs from the link above show the current death rate to approx 6 a day compared to approx 1000 a day in late march/april. Plus it seems the virus may be losing strength. 


    Thousands upon thousands are about to lose their livelihoods over these restrictions, we cant hide under the blankets for much longer.

    Are people hiding under their blankets? It's only from my point of view, but everyone I know is working or going to school. Okay there are changes in routine but generally speaking people are getting on as best they can.


    No offence, and I don't know you from Adam, but saying people are hiding under blankets sounds a bit Daily Mail.

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