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  1. 2 hours ago, Dougie Do'ins said:

    I was out on my bike yesterday. On the way home I had to call into two different work sites. The route took me up church and Bold Street. Way more people about than usual. There was even a couple of barbers open. 

    What? Where?? Asking for a ....friend....

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  2. 1 hour ago, Dougie Do'ins said:

    How are places like the townships in South Africa and areas of densely populated India etc, getting on ?  There were some reports a few weeks ago that the virus would ravage them but not heard anything since. Did the virus not just have the effect the reports said or i it being unreported ?

    There was a feature on BBC Newsnight last week about South Africa - SA and the UK were in similar trajectories until something like the 26th March. They then acted very quickly on the lockdown, had army on the streets, banned sale of alcohol, and have an existing "army" of 30,00 (iirc) community health volunteers doing loads of testing. 


    One of the chief SA health fellas didn't understand how the UK had got it so wrong. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Section_31 said:

    Was taking a while back about how when I was a kid in the 80s a lot of veterans would have still been in the workforce, you'd have had bus drivers and stuff who were at D Day. It's mad that.

    When I was growing up (80s) there were tangible things related to the War still around - people (obviously), bomb sites/wrecks, gear (we had WW2 stuff in our loft - gas mask, ration tins). But we're now so far away I'm sure to people younger than me it literally seems like ancient history. 


    I don't really know what point I'm making here. I guess back then the war was a realthing and people still felt it. Seems now a lot of people use it as (imaginary) point scoring and jingoism. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Gnasher said:

    Couldnt agree more, over 150 frontline workers dead and the cunt talks about tone to a practicing doctor. Labour should be calling for his resignation.


    Heres the human cost,  I wonder if Hancock would question the tone of the poor teenage kid speaking so eloquently and courageously about the loss of her father in the clip below. 




    Fuck, that's terrifying. Poor fella. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Shooter in the Motor said:

    Looking at the installation instructions for that, it seems to require a SD card with at least 210gb free space but I only have the official small capacity cards that sony sold back then. Looks like I would need some kind of adapter for that, so at this stage I think it rules this out.

    That's the Ultimate build. I downloaded the Lite build which is 20gb (I wasn't interested in 200gb of PSOne games tbh). 


    I've modded both mine to use SD2Vita - a memory card adapter which has a slot for normal micro SD cards. One is 64gb (which I already had) the other is 128gb (which I bought specifically). 


    Your Vita has to be modded if you want to do any of this mind. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Mudface said:

    Bunch of mealy-mouthed wankers. Men are about twice as likely to die from this as women, that's been known for a while. Just come out and say it- 'certain genders', ffs. Specify the ethnic groups too and give appropriate advice to take more care if you're male or in one of those groups.



    There are not enough characters available in a Tweet to list the genders in 2020. 

  7. 18 hours ago, Captain Turdseye said:

    LA Noire didn’t get great reviews but it’s well worth a play through at least once. The PS3 games I’ve kept hold of are all the GTA’s, both Red Dead’s, LA Noire, Last Of Us and Grid 2. I’ll play them all again one day. 

    I've got LA Noire on the Switch, it's a good game.


    I should get the Last of Us for my PS3 but not sure I'll ever have the time to play it. Got a back log of PS3 games I've never even opened! 

  8. Self isolated for 7 days with a cough and temp. Had a temperature on Friday and Saturday (38.8), aches and pains (felt like a 100 year old) and a cough (not really persistent though). 


    Temp is fine now, still slightly achey, headache, cough is slightly worse.


    I must say I was having a pretty good pandemic until last week. Got a nice tan in the garden, been working out at home every day, spending time with the kids. This is a kick in the balls. 


    giphy (3).gif

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  9. I'm not one for conspiracy theories (obviously a conspiracy theorist WOULD say that) but just reading on the BBC website about the Coronavirus (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51214864) - it's such an aggressive virus, and is doing so much damage to so many people - I wouldn't be surprised if it has been man made (purposely or accidentally). 


    "It first infects the cells lining your throat, airways and lungs and turns them into "coronavirus factories" that spew out huge numbers of new viruses that go on to infect yet more cells.


    "If the disease progresses it will be due to the immune system overreacting to the virus.


    "Those chemical signals to the rest of the body cause inflammation, but this needs to be delicately balanced. Too much inflammation can cause collateral damage throughout the body.


    "The virus is triggering an imbalance in the immune response, there's too much inflammation, how it is doing this we don't know," said Dr Nathalie MacDermott, from King's College London."



    Anyway, I'm just off to arrange my tin hats in daily order.