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  1. It was the lesser of two evils I guess. I certainly would probably want revenge for watching my fellow soldier friends die at the hands of the enemy, but then wouldn't want to see my children's skin melting in front of me due to a city bombing.


    No winners, only losers. Well, apart from the corporations who make loads of money out of war. A different topic though.

  2. I went on a work trip to Dublin with Ronnie Whelan (and the European Cup - this was January 2006 so post Istanbul) and spent most of the daytime with him. He was sound, funny and interesting. He showed us where he used to live and play footy in the streets by his house. Good fella all round, and didn't shut up! Spent about an hour with him in the hotel lobby drinking tea before he got interviewed by a local newspaper.


    And he took a phonecall from Ian Rush, which is obviously brilliant.


    I'd give anything to have Ronnie Whelan in our midfield now. F*ck - DAVE Whelan would probably improve our midfield.


    I'm sure he is gutted about missing the football millions gravy train he's got every right to be - I am and I don't even play footy.

  3. One of his post match interviews O'Sullivan basically said he didn't really want to be there. He's always going on saying he doesn't even like snooker, always talking about jogging, and now boxing. I mean, I suppose if you're the most gifted snooker player in the history of mankind you can say these things - but at the same time the game has made him a millionaire so he could show some respect. I'd still love him to win a sixth title though.


    Trump's performance against Ding was incredible. He absolutely wiped the floor with him. Can he carry it on through to Monday though? I hope so. I also wish I was at home watching it all.

  4. A few years ago we had Mascherano, Alonso and Gerrard in midfield with Torres up front, now we're talking about how to get the best out of Lambert, that, right there, is the problem. 


    And Borini, who is a total f*cking spaz of a footballer.


    This season has been a car crash since Suarez took his own bite of Italian pizza in Brazil. From there it's been downhill and lurched from one crisis to the next, and here we are struggling against villa, west brom and hull.


    Who is FSG's football advisor? They must have someone, not associated with the club?

  5. Just on Trump - I always wish he'd won the World's back in 2011. He absolutely made that tournament, his attacking play was unreal. He reminded me of Liverpool from last season - all guns blazing, who cares about defence, but he just ran out of steam at the end and the more rounded and efficient matchplay of John Higgins managed to cross the line.


    I wonder if snooker would have been any different had he won that tournament. He was 80-1 to win beforehand.

  6. I love "the snooker". Haven't had much time to watch it this week, but I will do from this weekend, now most of the sh*tmunchers are out.


    I reckon Trump will win, but the quality is so high anyone of about 15 could realistically win it.


    I can't stand Selby - his voice is really annoying. His missus is fit though. Don't really like the way he plays either, though I'll admit he is obviously good.


    Don't like Neil Robertson, though I've thawed on him - I think he's alright when you see him interviewed. Chelsea fan though.


    Can't stand Stuart Bingham - if you want snooker to be a successful populist sport then you need less Bighams.

  7. I don't understand why anyone thinks Klopp would come to us to struggle and sell his best players to bigger clubs. Surely he's had enough of that.


    Same goes for Ancelotti. For various reasons we're not that big a draw anymore.


    I say bring back the John Barnes/Jason McAteer joint manager team. It CAN work, I feel it in my bones.

  8. If they went down I don't think I'd ever stop laughing. Oh, I'd laugh and laugh and laugh then laugh some more.


    But... I don't think they will. Sadly there are some terrible teams in the league.


    However.... I think they're in freefall (league anyway - hopefully they stay in the UEFA as long as possible, string out those sunday games as long as possible). So I'm not totally discounting it from happening.

  9. Lucas has to play. Coutinho has to play. Sturridge? Not sure... I don't want him risked being booted up and down for the first half an hour.


    I'd like Ibe and Gerrard on the bench. And after the Real Madrid shenanigans I can see him putting Gerrard on the bench, last derby or not.


    Would love to see Ibe come on if we're leading in the second half.

  10. He's playing really well at the minute. He was knackered by extra time.


    I agree about this call for bookings over every foul - is a free kick not enough anymore? Does everyone have to be booked or sent off? Plus yellow cards should be given out for persistent, small challenges - the kind Chelsea use all the time to break up the flow of a game. These ruin the spectacle of the game, yet the referees only seem to punish it right at the end of 90 minutes which is too late.