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  1. johnsusername

    Steve Nicol

    Watching that...it's disappointing. In largely unrelated news I once (2006) did a corporate trip to Dublin with Ronnie Whelan and he was great. Sitting in a hotel drinking tea talking to him about footy is something I look back on fondly. Also got to lift the European Cup with him and while I was with him he took a phonecall off Rushie.
  2. johnsusername

    He-Man: A Tribute

  3. johnsusername

    Susanna Hoffs, Wendy James or Kim Wilde?

    WHAT? This has ruined my fucking week.
  4. Don't Falter by Mint Royale and Lauren Laverne was twenty years old yesterday. TWENTY! I6BrlMJ0UtX4RsGr.mp4
  5. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Once Everton has touched you etc etc
  6. He's a busted flush. (Throw him in with Jose).
  7. johnsusername

    Featured: That was the week that was (Jan 18-24 2020)

    "There you have it, the only thing that moves slower than Matic’s legs is his brain. He’s like a fucking brontosaurus. All legs and neck with a brain the size of a sparrow’s bollock." Choked on my dinner reading that. Imagine supporting a team with Matic, Phil Jones and Harry Maguire. They'd get in the Flintstones First XI.
  8. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'd like to think we'd give Everton a guard of honour, and I think we would. It would be a gracious thing to do. However, the powers that be at Everton are as bitter as the fans so i doubt they'd do it.
  9. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just watched Match of the Day. Pickford has serious mental problems. I could see Ancelotti binning him off as soon as he can he's a massive liability. Apart from that he plays like it's a five a side game at school, absolutely brain dead.
  10. Just watched Match of the Day. Phil Neville - "stick with Ole, he needs more time, the squad is light and inexperienced and they need signings." How have they managed to have such a shit squad after all the money they've spent?!
  11. johnsusername

    Your Top 5 Horror Films of All Time

    Great thread. Love horror. The Exorcist. The Shining. Insidious. The Wicker Man. Paranormal Activity.
  12. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just had a think about Everton there. And...
  13. johnsusername

    Wolves 1 Liverpool 2 (Jan 23 2020)

    I think Traore is ace and I claim asylum. Also, Jordan Henderson is currently the best player in the league. No, Europe. No....the WORLD!!!
  14. johnsusername

    Adama Traore

    We'll put you in the 'Maybe' pile.
  15. johnsusername

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    According to Blue Moon the only reason we won is because Conor Coady let us. So I wouldn't get too carried away as we'll probably have these points taken off us tomorrow. Also we haven't had any injuries. I must have imagined Mane going off injured.