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  1. Hate insects. Hate spiders. Hate anything that's small and crawls or flies or has more legs than is necessary. And they all kill each other in the most horrendous ways like they'll paralyse their prey, keep them alive, pull off their limbs, lay eggs in them and let the babies eat it.


    Fucking twats. 

  2. 36 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:



    Some other fella did it in a workers face and has been arrested.


    The Department of Justice affirmed Wednesday that people who intentionally spread the novel coronavirus could be charged with terrorism.
    Officials across the states are taking threats of spreading coronavirus seriously. Earlier this week, a New Jersey man who police said purposely coughed on a grocery store employee and said he had coronavirus was charged with making "terroristic threats."

    People are mental. 

  3. I got that text this afternoon.


    The number of people on social media (I know I know) who have decided that it's now their God given right to go out and use services that have been closed. CUNTS. Stay in the fucking house. You just know any other time they wouldn't be giving two shits.


    This fucking country. 

  4. 59 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Yep panic buying will be in full swing tomorrow. Might go up just to knock people out for being cunts. 

    Just bought £24 of chocolate from the corner shop. No panic buying, stayed away from dark chocolate and anything with coconut in. 

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  5. My mum was telling me she was in Sainsbury's on East Prescot Road the other day. A pallet with toilet rolls was being wheeled in and some fella asked how much it would cost to buy the whole pallet. He was told stock was limited to two (I think) per person. He kicked off at the (female) store assistant shouting that as a customer he was entitled to buy whatever he wanted and caused a massive scene. 


    BELL END. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Moo said:

    People going out in droves yes they're dickheads, but we keep getting told how exercise builds your immune system.  So these mixed messages plus people having more time on their hands would explain why we're seeing more people out and about (like the fella earlier in the thread who has suddenly started waking his dog six times a day), it's stupid behaviour but somewhat understandable. 

    I suppose I'm just a bit uncomfortable with people judging people for this, and the bulk shopping business, when we are being guided by fucking imbeciles.  Yes we all have some common sense to apply but this is an unprecedented situation, many people don't know what to do for the best.  

    At some point soon there will need to be some very clear guidance and rules given by this shitty Tory government or they WILL have the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands - but do they care? 

    They've picked a stupid time to start exercising in public places though!