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  1. 6 minutes ago, Baltar said:

    The complaints about Thiago are over the top. You could put a prime Messi or Maradona into this Liverpool team and even they'd struggle without the rest of our injured regulars. I'll judge Thiago only once he plays a good number of games alongside Henderson and Fabinho with VVD and Gomez at the back and Jota up front. 

    The way things are going that'll be 2022, with some luck and a fair wind.

  2. 1 hour ago, Freddo said:

    I read that. Shes just annoying her. How many times does it have to be said that these owners never spend. They didn't spend when we won the European Cup. Nothing changes for me. And all this talk about struggling to retain best players. I'm not having that. If some of these lads want to jump we all know fsg will push them. All about the dollar. The club is too big for Henry and co. 

    Got to pull you up on that mate - we bought Adrian and Sepp Van Den Berg - two world class additions to the squad. A great example of strengthening while on top. 

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  3. On 14/02/2021 at 23:47, Tony Moanero said:


    I remember when this came out, Billy Butler played it on his afternoon show on Radio Merseyside. He gave it a big introduction saying what a great new song it was and how these young bands are so exciting. But he played the explicit version - Mike Skinner effing and blinding on daytime radio. Mrs Butler's Eldest must have gone for a piss because it was on for a good while before he dragged it off the record player. He was all apologies and spent a lot of time questioning why these new bands have to put such language in their songs.


    Funny - it's coming up for 20 years since that happened but I remember it like it was yesterday. And yet sometimes I can't even remember what I did on the actual yesterday.

  4. 14 minutes ago, DalyanPete said:

    Think that was always going to be the case at this level.

    Personally, I don't want them to have any happiness or joy on any level.

    Egg and spoon race, win a lotto lucky dip, best Easter bonnet......

    They'll never be happy mate, as long as LFC exists, because everything they do is looked at through their strange, bitter and twisted LFC prism.

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Chip Butty said:

    The kids go back, then in a few weeks they're off again for Easter. Makes no sense other than as said previously, this unscrupulous cunt is trying to appease these families who he is so desperate to get their votes from. The slimy twat.


    March 8th - April 2nd is it really that bigger time frame to wait?  


    Keep the schools shut till after Easter you fucking knobhead. 

    Yep. Like Christmas - why didn't they shut schools early by a week or two (as some schools suggested at the time) and extend the Christmas holidays by a couple more weeks afterwards? The virus was absolutely rampant for those weeks.


    But no, they threatened those schools with legal action (though not the private schools which decided to close early anyway), and brought all the kids back for one day in January, then closed them again (though this time changed the definition of a key workers so classes were half full anyway).

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  6. I saw Stewart Lee at the Philharmonic and thought he was good.


    I don't really watch much stand up, but a few years ago me and the wife went to the comedy club in the Albert Dock. There was a group of out of town lads who thought it would be great to heckle every act, and most of the acts couldn't handle it. Apart from Martin Mor the Northern Irish comedian who came on last, and who absolutely tore the lads apart before getting them thrown out. Everyone was cheering as they got escorted out the club, probably to go to Revolution to drink Smirnoff Ice and Carling.


    So yeah, Martin Mor is okay by me.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Crazy Dave said:

    I hope our players watch that video doing the rounds of the Everton players celebrating in the changies. Maybe that might light a fire inside one or two of them. 

    Two days later and I’m still fucking fuming. 

    Well if crippling our best player and trying to cripple our new signing didn't get them fired up then I don't think that will. Gomes was free to go round kicking whoever he wanted and no-one seemed too bothered. No Henderson and no Milner means no one badgering the referee.

  8. Well if all schools are reopening on March 8th then that means most people will fuck off the rest of the rules. Because what's the point in having your kids mingle with hundreds of other kids each day but still having to stay at home without seeing anyone else all weekend? 

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