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    Rate My Plate?

    The replies are brilliant. They've gone a little way to restoring my faith in some of the British public.
  2. johnsusername

    Rate My Plate?

    His worktop and plate are the same. In fact, his egg is almost the same, too. I hope that wasn't a cookbook at the top of the picture.
  3. johnsusername


    God what a spineless shameless twat.
  4. johnsusername

    Other football - 2020/21

    No - I heard an advert on the radio before for Now TV / Sky Sports saying it was an exciting title race. Yeah, sure.
  5. johnsusername


    We go to agile working from 1st April, all signed and sealed. I'll probably go in the office 2 days a week.
  6. johnsusername

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Not for me mate. It's an epic - a story about a group of friends in a working class town, their lives, some going off to war, others staying behind and getting on with their lives; then the war itself, escaping capture, living in Vietnam; then the return to USA - I mean, there's a lot to pack in! Not sure it could be done over 90 minutes. It's a long film - it needs that time to develop a story, for characters to grow (or not), and for years to pass. I'm not sure the Deer Hunter could be done in 90 minutes. I'd say that the wedding scene is too long - but then what is too long? I had a morning to myself, knew how long the film was and settled in knowing largely what to expect. But, generally, yes, a lot of films are too long when most could be boxed off in 90 minutes. I think it might be a modern thing where studios think the longer a film is the more serious it is.
  7. johnsusername

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I know it's only Twitter so it's barely worth bog roll, but those comments they've padded out the article with all telling Gini to fuck off - have they not been watching us this season? He's basically the last man standing in midfield.
  8. johnsusername

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 20-22 2021)

    Just get one of those dunking bird things that Homer uses on his work computer - it'll do a better job than VAR currently.
  9. johnsusername

    Greatest Album Ever - Group X (Vote for your top 2)

    Maybe people are voting for what they like? I don't like Neil Young's voice, personally.
  10. Consider yourself negged. Blasphemy!
  11. Darkness...has got my favourite two Springsteen songs, Racing in the Street and The Promised Land.
  12. Fuck, voted for U2 by accident. Don't think I'll ever forgive myself.
  13. Dunno. Hyypia and Carragher in centre of defence, Gerrard, Alonso and Hamann in midfield. Our first choice 11? Yes. Our current injury hit 11? Not sure. Gerrard would have a field day powering through our current middle.
  14. johnsusername

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 20-22 2021)

    Dermott Gallagher is a right bell end. Smug "I know the rules and you don't so I'm better than you" twat. Like one of those BBC crime dramas where the police can't prove they know who the killer is even though they know who it is and the killer knows they know and the police know that he knows that they know.
  15. Don't need him. Now is the time for Jay Spearing to step up into the first team.
  16. johnsusername

    Greatest Album Ever - Group U (Vote for your top 2)

    Ha, I love Octopus's Garden. Co-written by Harrison. I think if George Martin had produced but then it might have been a bit slicker. But George's lead guitar and Lennon's rhythm guitar are lovely (and lively) and the background vocals are really well done (I'm assuming Lennon did them as he was king of backing vocals, although possibly George this time). I used to dislike the song and skipped it every time, but I gave it a go and really enjoy listening to it these days.
  17. johnsusername

    Greatest Album Ever - Group U (Vote for your top 2)

    Another group of death. As much as I love Meat is Murder, it has to be Abbey Road and Led Zep 3.
  18. johnsusername

    Greatest Album Ever - Group R (Vote for your top 2)

    Theoretically a tough group for me as I would probably class all of these in my top ten favourite bands. However, when push comes to shove I listen to Village Green more than the others combined. I could have voted any of the others really but plumped for Nevermind just because.
  19. johnsusername

    Nintendo Switch

    It's on my wishlist, but not on sale. I've got a Need for Speed on the Vita but never really played it. Capcom Arcade looks pretty good - it's nicely presented and has bags of info about controls and options etc. I'm not sure it's enough to make me pay for games which I've bought/obtained several times before, but for anyone who hasn't I think it'd be a good buy. Ghosts and Goblins though - fucking hell, I've played it on and off since it was released and can barely get off the first level. There was a really good version on the PSP (actually 2 - a western one and Japanese one).
  20. johnsusername

    Greatest Album Ever - Group R (Vote for your top 2)

    Village Green is an English masterpiece.
  21. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Why are they so angry, all the time? Mad twats.
  22. johnsusername

    Other football - 2020/21

    I want Man City to win every league game for the rest of th season, the league cup and the FA cup - maybe someone will start to question the madness of the situation.