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    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    People who drive round Sefton Park at 25 miles an hour. The speed limit is 20 - if you want to stick to that, fine no problem. But going 25 - you're still breaking the limit AND you're getting in everyone else's way. Stay at 20 (or under) or just go at 30 and be done with it.
  2. johnsusername

    Your Accent

    People think I sound Irish or Welsh. I think I sound like one of the Beatles. I've lived in Liverpool my whole 37 years. The scouse accent is definitely changing. From the north face brigade to the camp and furnance wankers, they all put on a stronger accent (GERRRON THA LAD, BOSS THA LAD).
  3. johnsusername

    Non gender specific fuckwittery

    I was in Manchester yesterday with work. Sat on the tram there's these 4 white manc lads talking (loudly) amongst themselves. They kept calling each other "Bruv" and saying "Innit". Every other sentence was (in thick manc accents) "I know Bruv, innit". F**cking d**ckheads. Innit?
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    Non gender specific fuckwittery

    Is it right that if you dial 911 in this country it goes to the emergency services? Such is the prevalence of American culture.
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    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    That hotel interview is great. ALAN: I'll tell you something, you know. They may have very nice Tudorette-style housing, but can they order an Irish Coffee at three a.m. in the morning and get it delivered to their bedroom? LYNN: Nope. ALAN: Nope. I can.
  6. I still refuse to believe we're any good. I just can't accept it. So we'll have a decent start, but then get caught with a sucker punch after about 15 minutes. We'll rouse ourselves but won't score. Then Palace will score a second at about 75 minutes. We eventually score after 85 minutes but it's too little too late.
  7. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He watches more Liverpool games than I do, and I barely like us.
  8. johnsusername

    Twin Peaks.

    I know, I just wanted a novel, or a straight read - not sure I can be arsed with the way it's all cut up etc.
  9. johnsusername


    I've always thought it's the most heartbreaking event in modern British history. All those children, such a horrendous way to die. The shifting of blame and treatment of the bereaved (and dead) has so many parallels to Hillsborough (and other British cover ups). The chairman of the NCB should have been hung. He didn't give a shit before and he didn't give a shit after. As mentioned previously, it was easily avoidable and that's the most tragic thing.
  10. johnsusername

    Twin Peaks.

    Windom Earl was Mark Frost's creation I think? I've read before that Lynch didn't like the character so when he came to direct the final episode he tore up Frost's script and cranked up the horror-fest side of things. Rightfully so, it'd really gone down the pan. Saying that, the first few episodes of series 2 are my favourite of the whole show.
  11. johnsusername

    Zlatan Ibrahimvic is fucking crap

    I never realised how big he is.
  12. That was a fucking shit match. Sturridge is finished.
  13. We're on our second Miele vacuum cleaner. They're ace - the first one lasted years, right through a house rebuild and took dust and gypsum like a trooper. I wouldn't normally rate and compare vacuum cleaners (life's too short) but we had a proper Hoover one and it was sh*t.
  14. johnsusername

    Twin Peaks.

    I've got Mark Frost's book on order, hopefully should get it this week. Not sure if i'll get around to reading it though, that's another matter entirely. I've also got that Oral Reflections book, i should deffo read that. Watched Blue Velvet the other day for the first time in ages. Dennis Hopper is brilliant. His Frank is well scarier than Bob from Twin Peaks i always thought. Hope there'll be someone like that in the new series, or Mister Eddie from Lost Highway. Or the Mystery Man. And definitely no Windom Earle, he was sh*t.
  15. johnsusername

    Famous People Who Are 'Probably' Cunts

    Ricky Tomlinson. Met him twice in my old job and he was - strangely - a diva. Or to put it another way, a totally miserable bastard. Eamon Holmes - met him in the same situation and unfortunately he was actually sound. Thought he'd be a dick and he wasn't.
  16. johnsusername

    The Worst Cover Version Ever?

    Anything from Thank You by Duran Duran - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thank_You_(Duran_Duran_album) It's like a 'The Very Best of Worst Cover Versions', by one band. Some feat. Special mention goes to their version of 911 Is A Joke.
  17. johnsusername

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Ross Kemp Extreme World: ISIS. I mean he comes across as a bit of a chump at times but fair play going to the front line in Syria is pretty dangerous. He gets really excited when people start talking about guns as well. Definitely Partridge-esque. Good show though, was a bit of an idiots guide to the war in Syria for idiots like me.
  18. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Imagine never having won the European Cup. Imagine if your biggest rivals had won it five times. They might as well just pack up, sell the stadium and call it a day.
  19. Saturday lunchtime? Only one way this turns out, and it isn't with a Liverpool win.
  20. johnsusername

    Other football 2016/17.

    Rafa can fly.
  21. johnsusername

    New anny rd stand

    "Give us your fucking money".
  22. johnsusername

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    Haha. You fat, arrogant twot.
  23. johnsusername

    The top 6

    The test for City (and Arsenal, probably) will be after Christmas when the league, cup and European games come thick and fast. Throw in the African Cup of Nations and things will get mixed up a bit. We might not have the best squad, but we've got a good one, and we have the best manager. On that basis, I think we'll finish... 13th.
  24. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Koeman sounded quite depressed after the match. When he was asked why his gameplan went wrong, his response was "I don't know - ask the players." Good old team bonding there. Welcome to Everton, Ronald.