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  1. Piper at the Gates of Dawn is a brilliant album. It's a shame Syd Barrett went mad and broke the band up. They could have went on to great things. People sometimes try to tell me that they DID carry on without Barrett but I just block them out. I'm certainly glad they didn't turn into indulgent, guitar noodling prog rock bores with 75 minute songs.
  2. Blur, even if it's just for No Distance Left To Run - a song OCS couldn't write even if their Vespas lives depended on it. Modern Life Is Rubbish, Parklife and blur are all five star albums.
  3. I quite like Genesis but I love The Kinks. The Village Green Preservation Society is one of the great English rock albums, and the song Village Green is possibly THE quintessential English pop song. So, a close tie, but in the end the Kinks run out 3-1 winners.
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    Jodie Comer

    You're welcome.
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    The Edge's real name is Dave.
  6. I do actually quite like the Stone Roses. Mersey Paradise is a belter, as is Elephant Stone.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Everton FC - proud holders of the Morals Cup from 1878 to present day.
  8. Unlucky for the Cure they've walked right into a rock juggernaut here. Only one winner.
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    Probably. Schools or pubs. Can't see them both being open in September.
  10. Ocean Rain and Heaven Up Here do, for me. In fact they're better than Unknown Pleasures I reckon. And I'm a massive JD fan.
  11. The Stone Roses - they had one good album, a singer who couldn't hold a tune and a guitarist/songwriter who shot his bolt after that first album. Also, Mani was better in Primal Scream. I hope that clears things up for you voters.
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    Sounds like we need some vigilantism to enforce mask wearing.
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    British Band Tournament - Round 1. Oasis vs Muse

    I've never understood how Muse got so successful.
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    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    Nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with cramp in a calf.
  15. The Beatles New Order The E Street Band The Who The Bunnymen Doesn't include Bowie (as a solo artist).
  16. Gone with the Bunnymen. Reasons thus: - they arrived fully formed almost. Whereas JD had a dodgy punk beginning. - their first four albums are all brilliant. JD only had two (though had enough material for another, admittedly). - I also love a couple of their later albums (Siberia and What are you going to do with your life) - they have a great song called Parthenon Drive.
  17. Unknown Pleasures is totally different than Closer. Joy Divison's early punk stuff is light years from Ceremony and In a Lonely Place. Their sound was always progressing although saying that Movement sounds more like Joy Division than New Order. They really started developing their own sound through the early 12 inches and b sides and by Power, Corruption and Lies they'd moved on from Joy Division. Saying all that, New Order are my favourite band after The Beatles.
  18. The Libertines. Come on - they had a song called Breck Road Lover. DO YOU THINK SIMON LE BON WENT TO BRECK ROAD??
  19. I would have put Joy Division and New Order together. But then I wouldn't have put the Small Faces and the Faces together. Go figure.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    We've sold Lovren - that's the squad strengthened already.
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    It's weird seeing people bunching together like that now.
  22. But rod Stewart wasn't in the small faces.
  23. Steve Marriott - WHAT a singer. What a tragic end. His voice here is a wonder... https://youtu.be/V4yznnoBvao
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    From the Guardian... "it is worth pointing out that the UK death toll has also stopped falling - and is increasingly very marginally - on the seven-day rolling average measure. The average is published on the government’s dashboard. It hit its lowest point on 20 July, when the seven-day rolling average was 62.1 deaths. But by 25 July, the most recent day for which the figure has been posted on the website, the seven-day rolling average was 65.1."