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    They're all fucking thick as fuck. It's the worst cabinet in history. Loads of people I know have it now, including my mum and dad, my 87 year old nan, and auntie and two uncles. One of my wife's teacher work mates (mid 50s) is currently in a Covid ward.
  2. AC/DC - like Status Quo, but without the songs.
  3. This is what rock and roll looks like. Breathe it in.
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    The Snooker

    Amazing snooker. Thought Ronnie was going to clear up then, but it wasn't to be. Higgins has hardly missed a ball. Snooker from the Gods.
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    The Snooker

    Christ. Well, someone had to be I suppose.
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    The Snooker

    This frame is the sporting equivalent of No Quarter by Led Zep.
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    The Snooker

    Haha why? It's weird how snooker generates such hatred for men who hit balls around a table.
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    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    All things considered I'm pretty disappointed that we're going into a top of the table game with our biggest rivals with this centre back situation. It's not that it weakens just the defence, it's destabilised the whole team and the way we play.
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    Man Utd (H) - Premier League -17/1/21 - 16:30

    I'm a bit more optimistic today. They are shite at the back. They're good going forward. Our forwards really need to put their shooting boots on and they could have a hatful. But if they just keep shooting at the goalie like they have been - well, we just need them to put their chances away. Could be a goal fest with our defence. Therefore I predict 0-0.
  10. It doesn't wipe the floor with Kraftwerk. Autobahn, Trans Europe Express, The Man Machine and Computer World are all seminal albums. U2 are a great band, sadly they've trampled all over their reputation since the mid 90s with shite song after shite album and diluted their own legacy. Bono talks too much. Too much shite. And to be honest I can't even be arsed with their early stuff anymore - all that wailing and gnashing. Bono has become a bit of a joke and that reflects on the band - like dodging tax through Lithuanian shopping centres. And The Edge - what's all that about? His name is Dave! They really dragged their own name through the mud with that iTunes stunt they pulled. Who knows, if they'd split up after Acthung Baby they'd probably be seen as one of the top 5 bands of all time. But they didn't, and they're not. Or...it might just be that people on this forum prefer Kraftwerk to U2.
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    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    That's ok - he'll be like a new signing in the summer. In fact, all our current players are like new signings, following Echo logic.
  12. johnsusername

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    According to the Echo today, Jota is going to be like a January signing.
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    Nintendo Switch

    Back into Mario Odyssey. What a game.
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    Grim times in Brazil.
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    Who ends a letter with "Yours ever,"? Sounds like a teenage girl sending a crazy love letter to a pop star.
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    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    I'm just booking my flights to West Virginia.