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    Their win has made me even more optimistic for our future under Klopp. With a good manager, decent players, great morale and a bit of luck you can achieve anything.
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    He plays to win, fair and square. Shame for Ding, but he wilted and the game was over in the first session. He looked like a rabbit in the headlights. After that he never really looked like overhauling Selby.
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    He does come across as a bit miserable but he's had a bit of a miserable life. His mum left him when he was little and hasn't seen her since. He was brought up by his dad who took him round the country for snooker tournaments, then his dad died of cancer when he was 16. He promised his dad he'd make it as a snooker player so I guess when he wins a trophy such as last night there's pride but it must be quite emotional. And you know, maybe that's just the way he is? It's not like when O'Sullivan wins and says he doesn't give a sh*t about snooker and he's only doing it to put his kids through private school. Yeah great, cheers Ronnie. But it seems that's what people want. I reckon Selby will win another World's, maybe more.
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    Amazing achievement. One of the greatest, if not the greatest this country has ever seen. Makes you feel like you've been conned all these years by players, managers, owners and agents, with Five Year Plans and Transfer War chests, net spends and gigantic squads "competing on several fronts". Leicester have come along and burst that bubble. Good luck to them next season, I think they'll do well.
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    Origi got big pretty quick didn't he? Stay off the juice, lad!
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    The 96

    Good article by Ian Herbert as well. I was wondering where the FA were in all this - surely they are complicit in both the unlawful killing (they chose the venue and ignored the warnings) and the cover up.
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    The 96

    How does colin brumwell know they didn't have tickets? This country is full of horrible f*cking sh*theads. I hate it.
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    Klopp interview / press conference thread

    I wish Klopp was my boss.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not sure anyone's ever called david moyes stunning before. Stunningly average, maybe. Shame they didn't get relegated this season. Always seems that there's other teams just that bit sh*tter than everton who go down. Hopefully Martinez gets another year and finishes them off.
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    New LFC International Ambassador

    Moaning about little kids crying on his flight while back home supporters of the club HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AN AMBASSADOR FOR are finding out about and fighting for justice for their own children dying at a Liverpool Football Club game.
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    Newcastle at home - Rafa's return - 23/04/2016

    Winning is a great habit. 4-0.
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    Sick of being Fat

    Cardio is generally boring. Resistance training (i.e. weights) is well better, more varied and burns calories long after you've finished your workout. Plus you'll look better. And running just destroys your knees and ankles. IMO.
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    Why do some snooker fans have the urge to wear football tops when attending a tournament? What's all that about. They're always small time teams as well.
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    Made up Trump got through. Although I like Liang, he's funny. Also made up joe perry went out. Another miserable f**ker. Good player like, but cheer up. That 58 minute penultimate frame was a belter. Glad Wilson got through, though he's got a questionable haircut.
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    Terrible news. Seen him live the other year, he was brilliant. Have loved his music for years. A proper pop star - weird, obtuse and massively talented. 6 Music have done well this morning.
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    Murphy is also a Man Utd fan (Although he once took a picture of himself at Anfield saying how great the atmosphere was).
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    Snooker's brilliant. That was some long red from judd to get his century. Ding won didn't he? That Gould looks a proper miserable b*stard (in the Graeme Dott mould). I think I read that Ding is worth more than all the other top 16 put together because of his popularity in China. Not sure if that's true, seems a bit far fetched, but then I guess it doesn't at the same time. I could check but where's the fun in that?
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    First round banana skin. Robertson rallied at the end but the lead was too big. I'm not too bothered, he comes across as a bit of a dick sometimes. And he's a Chelsea fan. Higgins is playing well but I'm not sure he's fit enough for the longer games and a 17 day tournament. I don't understand why he (and Mark Allen) don't get fit and lose some weight, surely it'd help. They struggle with some of the longer pots if they have to reach across the table. Trump starts today. Even though he too is a bit of a dick, I like watching him play. Think he won the china open recently? Should be confident. Pretty sure he's ahead of Ronnie on the head to head as well. Nothing to fear.
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    World Snooker Championship 2016

    Ronnie or Trump for me. Past them, not that many of the top are actually playing that well, compared to previous years. Possibly Robertson (who you can never discount) or maybe Higgins, who's had a really good season. Would like to see Trump get the World's though. Or would be happy to see Ronnie get his 6th title.
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    Bless him. Paid £32.5 million for him. He's on almost £500,000 a month. Should have listened to little Timmy Sherwood.
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    Euro 2016 - France

    Through the UEFA tickets website. You have to put in your passport details and you get put into a draw. They're still available through the resale site.
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    Euro 2016 - France

    Looking forward to it, should be good. We're going for a few nights. Don't really care for England (especially with that manager and that captain). Would quite like Northern Ireland to do well. Disagree with the bigger tournament though. The beauty of the Euros was it's 16 team format. But that's football, full of money grabbing c**ts.
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    John Achterberg.
  24. johnsusername

    Cheltenham Festival 2016

    Load of sh*t. This has been my worst Cheltenham ever. Changed my mind on Superb Story as well. F**k!
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    Who is the sexiest woman from Merseyside ?

    Yes it was The Gallery on the left and The Arena Bar on the right. Modo opened in the middle (which was mostly downstairs). Modo used to do bottles of Skol and Rolling Rock for a quid of a daytime. Go round to the One4 for a game of pool and a burger. Up to Slaters and the Jacaranda for £1 pints. Throw in the Marlborough and McSorley's then round to the original Heebiejeebies. Glory days. Concert Square was great back then, especially of a Friday afternoon. Then all the other bars started opening up around it (The Office) and it all went downhill. All the scallies who used to go to Mathew Street or stayed in Wavertree came along and ruined it.