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  1. Must be that new defensive coach. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Jokes.
  2. johnsusername

    Joe Allen

    Never need reminding of that miss and 2 dropped points. Not good enough or strong enough. Bye Joe.
  3. johnsusername

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    There's a gimp thread?
  4. johnsusername

    Top 4

    Liverpool Man U Man City Tottingham Hotspurs
  5. johnsusername

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Will they make a feature film? It'd be a money spinner alright.
  6. johnsusername

    Euro 2016 France

    This tournament is sh*t. And this is coming from someone who went. Italy will win. But imagine if you will - a Portugal v Italy final. Football is dead.
  7. johnsusername

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    The much anticipated first episode of the next series will be just Sam reading books in the library. Silently. For 56 minutes.
  8. johnsusername

    True Detective.

    First series was great. Slow and bonkers but great. Haven't watched the second yet. Will soon, but with low expectations.
  9. johnsusername

    The Doors

    Great band. A handful of great albums. Loads of great songs. What's not to like? After a bit of a resurgence of interest in the early 90s (cos of the film obviously), they've gone off the radar of popular culture haven't they. Fave album - Morrison Hotel Fave song - Peace Frog
  10. johnsusername

    Wimbledon 2016

    The Telegraph could have picked better pictures. I'd like to see Serena Williams in the mens draw, shake things up. She would have battered Tim Henman. Hen-mania!
  11. johnsusername

    He-Man: A Tribute

    I too had the slime pit. WHo did that come with, Hordak? I had loads - He Man and Battle Armour He Man, Skeletor and Battle Skeletor, Castle Greyskull, Battle Cat (was a bit shit, didn't move), Stratos, Trap Jaw, Triclops, Man At Arms, Many Faces, Moss Man, some Wasp man thing (Buzz Man??), Leech, the Spiky one, the Spider one who had like a string web, Ram Man, Orko, the Batte Bones people carrier (like a vauxhall zafira made of dinosaur), some fella with a big iron fist, some fella with a big red claw, something called Modulok who could reassemble in different forms. I also had a read-along audio book. And I loved the film even though it wans't strictly like the cartoon. Good fun though.
  12. johnsusername

    Euro 2016 France

    The BBC pundits are all smug pricks.
  13. johnsusername

    Gas VS Charcoal BBQs

    Why is rain stopping people from cooking outside? Lid up, food on, lid down. Turn once halfway trough. Done. Why would I use a hot plate for on my bbq (gas)? It's a genuine question. Or is this just a charcoal thing?
  14. johnsusername


    The first set he's just waiting for the performance enhancing drugs to kick in. Murray's on the Irn Bru - it's not the same.
  15. johnsusername

    Gas VS Charcoal BBQs

    Get whatever suits your circumstances. If you're going to "have barbecues" (i.e. a party or get together a couple of times a month) then probably best getting a charcoal one for (IMO) slightly better flavour. If you're going to use it to cook your dinner 4/5 times a week after you've been in work all day (like I do), then it's probably better to get a gas one for ease of use. Still pisses all over using an oven, girl or frying pan, and your kitchen won't stink. I have a Weber Q220 gas and use it from March to October every year. It ignites straight away, leave it to heat for 5 minutes (gets to about 400 degree F) then stick the meat on, turning once - keep the lid on apart from when you turn the meat. It's the smoke that flavours the food (as well as the carbonised meat I leave in the bottom of the barrel - FLAVOUR!). If you cook meat on gas with the lid open you're wasting your time. If I was loaded I'd have both gas and charcoal. But I'm not. I'm sure to die of a red-meat related cancerous death, but hey ho.
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    Derek and The Dominos - "Layla (Piano Exit)" Say no more.
  17. johnsusername

    Bruce fucking Springsteen

    That's okay, he loves you. Bruce loves all his children equally, and we are all his children.
  18. johnsusername

    Liverpool 1 Sevilla 3 (May 18 2016)

    The current team isn't good enough to win trophies. It's why we came 8th in a pretty average league.
  19. johnsusername

    Philippe Coutinho

    If we had a good midfield he'd be much better. Same if we had a more consistent frontline of two mobile strikers (out of Origi, Sturridge, Ings and A.N. Other). He's better than Lallana and Firmino IMO. I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater. (what a horrendous saying).
  20. johnsusername

    Europa League final

    Fucking hell, we were shit. I mean REALLY shit.
  21. johnsusername

    Europa League final

    We've lost a few finals since 2007, and Klopp's lost a few finals, and this squad isn't particularly experienced. So....who knows. Game on!
  22. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just been told my manager's bitter everton-supporting husband will be watching the match tonight whilst eating oranges from Seville. CLASSIC EVERTON BEHAVIOUR.
  23. johnsusername

    Klopp Kopped.

    Klopp and Ancelotti interviewed by Ian Ayre and FSG? I'm guessing it was the other way around in reality.
  24. I received one of these electronic mailings. I'm about 4000th on the list, can't even remember when I joined. Early 2000s maybe? I could have had my own one in about 1993 for a birthday present but said no. I think they cost about 17 pence back then.