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  1. Jonjo Baldy

    Good old Bellamy

    love the guy, fantastic talent and great player to watch, but a massive waste of a talent, if he had a calmer attitude and more level headed character in his younger days, and none of the injuries, he could have been a great, especially if he played for us. He is one of those "what could have been?"
  2. Accidently voted 5th, was meant to be 4th, think we will struggle with midweek Champ League games, not unless we add considerable maount of quality depth to squad.
  3. Jonjo Baldy

    City will batter west ham chaps ....lsorry

    .....and the jinxes begin Just let it all go and stop all the "oh west ham will batter" malarkey, its nonsense. Whatever will be, will be.
  4. Jonjo Baldy

    It goes down to the last day!

    Reading my friggin post, I said would you take an early CL exit if it meant we win the title? I guess your answer is no as you would like to come 6th and play Bayern Munich in the quarters and get knocked out.
  5. Chelsea is where it all went wrong, had we drawn that we would be fine, but fate had its way Gerrard slipped. However I think Henderson being sent off played a big part, if we had him for last two games I believe we would have won, I would say he has been the heart of the team this season. In hindsight though we dropped too many silly points because of silly mistakes in defence, like when Toure misplaced a game we should have collected 3 points. So where it all went wrong? The defence, perhaps we rose our luck for most of the season, outscoring opponents, if we are to win it next season then the defence needs fixing.
  6. Jonjo Baldy

    It goes down to the last day!

    How many would take a early CL exit to further our chance of winning title next season? Personally don't care if we get knoced out in group stages as long as we don't end up in Europa, if it means we can win the league. I dread to think what kind of effect CL will have on the team, especially if we don't get quality numbers in the Summer.
  7. Jonjo Baldy

    Fabio Borini

    What about chelshit? I wonder how much we will have to spend in the summer.
  8. Jonjo Baldy

    Fabio Borini

    Money is fast way towards success. Man Shitty would be a 14th place side had they not been bought by a rich oil baron same with chelshit, those two teams would be a million miles away from being anywhere near a title fight without money.
  9. Jonjo Baldy

    Fabio Borini

    I can't wait to see the back of Moses and Aspas, and have a player back with real heart and talent, he plays with his heart on his sleeve, thats all you can ask for.
  10. Jonjo Baldy

    Another Steve Gerrard thread

    You know why it hurts so much to lose the title this season, more so than the 08/09 season which seems a distant ago, I wanted to see this man lift the title, there is not a single footballer in the world that is more deserving of a league title than Gerrard, and it seemed like the time had finally come, now it probably won't ever come again, he gave his all this season, it would be an utter travesty to not see him get a league medal.
  11. Jonjo Baldy

    The point that wins us the title

    ^ Really? We shouldn't rely on empty thoughts for optimism. The title is pretty much gone bar an extraordinary moment, we need to let it go, its over. Hopefully the manager and the players have learnt something from this season, much like last season when we were not scoring enough and not taking our chances, we came back this season scoring for fun, but conceding on each run, hopefully next season the defensive side of our play will be fixed, and we will be stronger, more complete, with the young squad and manager having some experience behind them now.
  12. Jonjo Baldy

    Luis Suarez: The little magician

    I don't think he will leave unless Madrid come out publicly for him which could turn his head.
  13. Jonjo Baldy


    This is why I wanted us to win it so much this season, stick a finger up the haters. I have seen hate for us from all quarters, just irrational hatred. But I dont think a alot of Liverpool fans help with the blagging and all which ires fans of other clubs.
  14. Jonjo Baldy

    Javier Zanetti

    This is just as depressing and why I stopped watching football outside of Liverpool matches. All the great players I watched growing up are all retired or finished, it's just not the same anymore. Great, great player.
  15. Jonjo Baldy

    Jordan Henderson appreciation thread

    Personally think Henderson would still have made a big difference, even though we were gung ho in defence when we had him, those errors and events that took place even though half is to how we played, might not have happened if Hendo was around, as we may have played differently, played a different shape etc. Someone mentioned how Rodgers calls Hendo for instructions, he is also very vocal on the pitch, I see him barking orders around etc. Hendo isn't all about just athleticism, I hate when people just mention that atrribute, he offers far more, he tracks back defends and covers aswell as the amount of forward runs, passes and goal chances he creates, he has done to a certain extent what Gerrard used to do in his younger days and that is the type of player that can make a difference. Allen has done a superb job, and I am a big fan of Lucas, but he has been awful and hasnt offered much, granted his been playing in a new old role, but he doesn't look like the player he was and was becoming before the ACL injury, personally think his finished in this league.