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  1. We need Hendo and Fab back in midfield. We have two new CB now, use them, there's nothing to lose from now on.
  2. KingLuis

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    This team needs a back to basic.
  3. Don't know what happened but that front three isn't functioning at all. Apart from Mane who is still trying something from time to time, the other two are so casual in their game. Time to bench one or two of them I think.
  4. Mo Salah one of the so-called best strikers in the world yet I don't know how many chances he needs a match to score one.... very frustrating to watch.
  5. Pako on board, or whoever it is, will be the eyes and ears of FSG in the coaching staff. Rodgers should expect a weekly report to the owners from his next number 2. That's how paranoid I would be in his place.
  6. Keep the stream links coming lads! Want to see Yesil in action :smile: