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  1. We can't break them with 10 men on at home and you expect us to beat them on their turf? Get serious.
  2. Hendo was the player who voiced out the most against the super league project. He must be seen as a sort of rebel by those at the top. No surprise if he is being treated the hard way. Its the corporate treatment, accept whats on the table or find another job.
  3. Was thinking the same. We have been like a dog barking since beginning of this year without a bite. All our games won have been hard fought matches where results could have been anything.
  4. A well deserved elimination.Nothing to complain about, defence and midfield did their job. The attack, not for the first time this season, was absent.We have a number 9 devoid of any creativity and imagination which are supposed to be his main assets, and to add to his misery he can't even shoot at an open goal.And next to him, 2 attackers who need what at least 4-5 clear cut chances for them to score one.No complaint, Madrid did their job and they are through.
  5. We need Hendo and Fab back in midfield. We have two new CB now, use them, there's nothing to lose from now on.
  6. KingLuis

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    This team needs a back to basic.
  7. Don't know what happened but that front three isn't functioning at all. Apart from Mane who is still trying something from time to time, the other two are so casual in their game. Time to bench one or two of them I think.
  8. Mo Salah one of the so-called best strikers in the world yet I don't know how many chances he needs a match to score one.... very frustrating to watch.
  9. KingLuis

    Brendan Rodgers is our manager

    Pako on board, or whoever it is, will be the eyes and ears of FSG in the coaching staff. Rodgers should expect a weekly report to the owners from his next number 2. That's how paranoid I would be in his place.
  10. Keep the stream links coming lads! Want to see Yesil in action :smile: