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  1. Sums up the fucked up world of British politics. A thoroughly decent man of conviction is subjected to a witchunt and vilified while an utterly corrupt, morally bankrupt, incompetent lowlife criminal scumbag is the Prime Minister. What kind of a fucked up country is this?

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  2. The European Super League will replace the UEFA Champions League. We won't be ditching the Premier League, that's totally absurd. But the big clubs have been going on about this for years, they're fed up of UEFA making so much money and the clubs feel they should get a bigger share. They've always threatened a breakaway league to force UEFA to handover more prize money. Looks like it's finally going to happen. I can't say I mind too much as long as it's not a closed shop, i.e. teams should only qualify for the super league if they finish in a qualifying position in their domestic league.