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  1. Sounds like Newcastle have a big Covid problem and the entire squad is isolating. The FA are planning to reschedule Newcastle's next game. How nice for them. Didn't remember the pricks in charge being so sympathetic to us when we had a few covid infections going around. Newcastle should be forced to field a covid-free team even if they're from the youth team otherwise forfeit the match.

  2. 27 minutes ago, dockers_strike said:

    I know Liverpool winning the title last season was cathartic for Stevie. Hopefully if he wins a title in his own right with Rangers, it will finally lay his demons to rest.


    Ive no interest in scottish football but I want to see Stevie do well.

    Same. Never been arsed much about Scottish footie before but have taken more interest since Stevie has been there. If he can win the title and stop the 10-in-a-row title for Celtic, he'd be a legend there.

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  3. 52 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    I think Neil Lennon will be getting sacked today. Idiots those who turned out and started kicking off at Parkhead last night although not being able to go the game means they don't get a chance to protest. I think he deserves more respect after what he's achieved with the club but its tie to go and has been for a while. 


    It will be interesting to see who comes in. "Err yeah you can manage a massive club but we are 11 points behind our biggest rivals and if you don't win the league you'll probably get sacked. Oh and you wont have a budget plus the best striker has downed tools and wants to leave. We wont let you spend hardly any of the money you get for him and if you don't win the first 5 league games, the Scottish cup and the old firm at ibrox then you'll get the blame, want it?" 


    Strachan now favourite just ahead of Howe. 





    Steve Clarke (no chance he's leaving Scotland)

    Michael O'Neill

    Rafa (10/1)

    Gerry Adams 500/1 


    He's handy at tennis but not sure about football management. Hang on - surely you don't mean Benitez...?

  4. I said it when he was appointed, Arteta will not get Arsenal back into the big time. He's slightly improved their defence, and winning the FA Cup in his first season was great, but there is no chance he is going to make Arsenal challengers for anything other than the minor trophies. Europa League qualification is the most he'll ever achieve.

  5. 1 hour ago, Trojan1892 said:

    Dunno why some of these ex pro’s are such bitter arrogant pricks, Shilton is an absolute nobhead as is Geoff Hurst, what a horrible cunt he is.

    Hurst does come across as a prick. It's mental that Hurst is considered an all-time great and has even been knighted, all because of that hat-trick. His club career was average at best. All the drinking and missing the '66 World Cup final has tainted Jimmy Greaves' legacy who was levels above Hurst and every other England striker since.

  6. 3 hours ago, Kevin D said:


    Come on, mate.


    You knew what you were in for.


    Tyson is 50 years old, you cannae see your arse over this being a farce.

    Think he was talking about the Youtuber fight? Tyson looked good for a 54 year old that hasn't boxed in years.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Kevin D said:

    I also disagree about Joyce's ceiling. 


    He has a lot of limitations, but he fought disciplined tonight out of respect to Dubois's freakish power. Against 99% of heavyweights, he will simply put it on them and keep marching forward for 12 rounds. He is a rough, rough night for anyone, even if they end up beating him. 


    In the build up to this, he said he was tested and his bone density is 7x that of a normal person. 

    Meaning...? He can take a good walloping? 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

    Tyson never reacted well to someone standing in front of him. 

    He just didn't fight any that where good enough, had he fought Holyfield when he should Evander would have broken him like he did later on. Buster Douglas broke him, you can see the fight going out of him

    Tyson at least fought until he got knocked the fuck out against Buster. He didn't quit on his knee.