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  1. 4 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:

     Bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, builders, electricians, plumbers, security, cleaners, transport workers. 


    The first four have little to do with daily office traffic - maybe you could suggest business travellers but still not really that much in the grand scheme. Builders - might not need anymore office space tbh - alot of it was vacant before virus. People still live somewhere so electricians, plumbers should be ok. 

    Transport workers - like bus drivers? Uber eats - Shipt - they are killing it.

    Bars, pubs, restaurants get a lot of their customers from local offices. In the City of London, virtually all customers of these types of establishments are office workers. Hotels less so but still, I've stayed in hotels around the country specifically because they are close to the regional office and that's true of many others so again, hotels will be losing a regular stream of patrons if everyone works from home. As for builders - they'll have less work if no new offices are being built or existing ones needing maintenance. Same goes for electricians, plumbers, painter decorators, handy men, specialists that maintain office-specific things such as elevators, fire systems, security, hell even the guy that brings in new water coolers, delivers fruit, suppliers of vending machines, canteen food etc. Like I said, it's endless and yes many of these workers will have other customers but taking out offices is going to be enormously detrimental and nothing will fill the void that leaves.

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  2. I've been working from home since the lockdown and I don't enjoy it for multiple reasons. Yes I'm saving a decent amount of money on food and travel and avoiding public transport has been great. But now I feel as if the lines between my home life and work life are blurred. When I left the office I would switch off from work until the next day. Now I find myself working more and more for some reason. I miss the interaction with colleagues too, as well as friends/former colleagues working nearby. I just feel at home I'm stuck indoors all day and it's driving me mad, especially with the kids running around not giving me a moments peace. My current accommodation isn't suited for a home office so I'm going through the hassle of looking for a new place. On top of that I'm getting more and more wound up by the missus (who works part time so is home most of the time) who wants me to take on added chores and tasks since I'm now at home full time, things I wouldn't do when I'm at the office and I'm not best pleased about that. Does that make me a whiney cunt? Possibly but either way I have felt a lot more tension with the misses since lockdown.


    The long-term effects could also be a worry. If you're not needed to be in the office, you could eventually become dispensable. Why would companies pay someone a decent salary to sit at home in the UK when they could potentially pay half that amount to someone sitting a home in a much cheaper country? I expect outsourcing to become a major problem over the coming years.


    Looking at it from a less selfish perspective, I'm worried about the economy of former office heartlands. It's not just coffee shops and sandwich bars that are suffering from a lack of office workers. Countless businesses will continue to suffer if city centres remain deserted. Bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, builders, electricians, plumbers, security, cleaners, transport workers. The list of industries dependent on a thriving office environment is endless . These people will be struggling and will lose jobs and the knock on effect will continue. 

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  3. 49 minutes ago, Stront19m Dog™ said:

    Love seeing United splash out 120 mil on a single player, meanwhile we shift three of our highest earners off the books and still can't manage 30m on proven world class.

    Something fishy going on with the club. Up until covid 19 we were in the strongest financial position in our history. Hell, few clubs in the world could match our revenue so why are suddenly getting stingy? Some rumourmongers have said that FSG's businesses in the USA are struggling due to covid 19 and that they're using our money to help prop them up. It sounded ridiculous but the longer it appears we aren't signing anyone, the more believable the rumours become. 

  4. I'm getting concerned about FSG. Looks like we're not going after Thiago after all and didn't go for Werner because £50M was too much for us? Where has our money gone? Before the virus came along we made more money than at any time in our history. Looks like FSG are raking in our profits to spend on their other business ventures, such as that basketball team of theirs or whatever they are. If we go yet another summer without buying anyone it's clear FSG are just skimming off the top of our earnings and will be no better than any other yank owners, including the parasites they replaced as owners.