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  1. On 13/01/2021 at 13:50, Bjornebye said:

    Weird isn't it how we make assumptions about Snooker players. Arguably the most harmless sport in the world. I can't stand Carter or Allen and I think Murphy is a proper cunt. People on here despise Selby. Mental. 

    I have an intense dislike of Murphy, a proper fat coward who is always having a pop at players in the press but acts all chummy with them during matches. Can't stand Carter too, a proper twat that guy. Allen is alright. Can't say I like Selby much and his penchant for slowing games down and turning games into ugly scraps. Great player though.

  2. United really aren't that good, the table is not painting an accurate picture. They are decent but not close to title winners. The problem is that we have been shite for the most part, not helped by injuries. I don't see us improving any time soon, the loss of both VVD and Gomez has wrecked our title defence. Man City are going to run away with it over the next few months. Better those cunts than United though...

  3. 1 hour ago, Brownie said:


    Mostly Tory voters I bet. The excuses these morons make for Johnson and  his useless cabinet is ridiculous. I lay the blame firmly at Johnson's door and I expect to see this cunt and his entire cabinet in front of a judge and jury in the not-too-distant future.

  4. 1 minute ago, Scooby Dudek said:

    I don't disagree, I would say they are linked to an extent. This has gone on a long time and fatigue sets in. The problem now, is 6 weeks of this and come April there will probably be a need for another increase in lock down, so what is the point ?

    If we lockdown harder for shorter more people would hopefully follow the rules, seeing the end, but we need to support people for that.

    Agreed, a proper strict lockdown for a month should help. That includes stopping incoming flights. It's baffling to me that we are supposedly in a lockdown yet thousands of people are coming into the UK each day. How the hell are you supposed to stop local transmission if you are letting in countless infected people each day? Does not make sense.

    Shut everything down for a whole month including nurseries, airports etc. except the absolute essential places, and you'll see a decline in the number of infections. Hopefully the vaccines will do the job and we can beat this thing by the end of the year. Yes, I fully expect this fucking thing to keep plaguing us for the next year or so. 

  5. Sorry but the club have fucked this right up. We should have been planning for a big January transfer ever since we knew VVD was out for the season. We've literally had months to prepare and it looks like we've done nothing and what we get is the utter lunacy of having 2 midfielders as our centre back pairing. The club should take the view that neither VVD nor Gomez will play again this season, and that Matip will be available for less than half of our remaining games - if we're lucky. Take that view and buy a centre back this month, otherwise we can forget about the title and even the top 4 will be a struggle on our current, shitty form.

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