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  1. Hope Karen Brady chokes on a coronavirus infected cock. Faakin slaag.
  2. I can't believe how much this is agitating me. How can it be that 9 games from the end and twenty-fucking-five points ahead of the rest that the title can be taken from us? This is truly blowing my mind. The injustice of this should it happen would be off the fucking scale (in sporting terms at least).
  3. If the whole season does get cancelled including the cups, at least that'll mean we remain champions of Europe. Guess that'll be a silver lining.
  4. 4 April sounds like an odd date to resume the season. Pretty sure we are going to be at the peak of the virus by then. Realistically I don't see the season resuming until at least July.
  5. That's assuming they'd be required to hand the money back.
  6. Why are you so sure? I'm fairly certain that given the choice, the majority of clubs would just vote to cancel the season.
  7. Exactly. I'm worried about the virus of course but for fuck sake, the hysteria is not helping. 8 people have died out of around 67 million. People need to relax and gain some perspective. Fellow reds that are suggesting they will be a bit disappointed but fine with the season being voided must either be on a wind up or just plain crazy. Losing the title in these circumstances now would be soul destroying.
  8. There really is no guarantee of anything. Like I said, City will be spending shitloads to catch up with us and in the end, money usually wins. Besides, imagine how demoralised the club and players would be if they were denied the title? That could really knock the stuffing out of the players.
  9. Balls to that. Those cheating scumbags in Manchester now know they can't compete with us on fair terms and will spend another billion to win another title. There's no competing against a club like that. Only a miraculous season and a superhuman effort has got us to where we are. We are never repeating what we have done this season, no club is. If they void the season and take away the title that is rightfully ours, we could be waiting another 30 years to win it.
  10. Maybe I'm being a drama queen, but if the season is voided and they take our title away, I will be done with football. I can't think of anything in sport that would be so unfair and devastating. I really can't see me having any enthusiasm left for the game if that happens.
  11. No I'm not saying I'm fine with thousands dying just so we can win the league. I'm saying thousands are likely to die regardless. That's no reason to cancel the entire season. There are many options to voiding the season and none of them risk endangering the general public.
  12. Surely not serious? I don't think I could ever get over the league getting cancelled. We've waited 30 years for this, how can you say you wouldn't be arsed? We're not getting hit by a meteor causing an extinction level event. It'll be a few thousand deaths at most. Around 500,000 die in the UK each year. Let's have some perspective.
  13. Yup. If resuming it means we will overrun into the 2020/21 season then so be it. If that happens, the 2021 season can start literally one week after finishing this one. The players won't get a summer break but who cares, they'll have plenty of rest while the league is suspended.
  14. I can't see the season finishing behind closed doors. As soon as one player or staff member gets the virus games will be postponed indefinitely. We're really looking at either finishing the season early or postponing until the summer at the earliest. Cutting things short and leaving the cup competitions undecided will be a major headache so surely they'll postpone the Euros and finish the club season in the summer...
  15. Baltar


    I can accept our number 2 not being world class or even great. Not many number 2's are top class but I can't forgive these stupid mistakes that a competent League 2 goalie would not be making. Adrian cost us last night and has cost us in the few other games he's played. I would move him on in the summer. He was a last ditch signing for us, now let us take the time and find a suitable backup to Allison. Speaking of which, why the fuck is Allison injured so often? The number of games he's missed due to injury is ridiculous.
  16. My biggest concern is that if this comes down to a vote and voiding the season is an option, then that's the option almost every club will go for. Hopefully common sense will win and that is not an option. Or the daft idea of having a playoff against a team 25 points away from the top.
  17. We need to sign a clinical finisher. Wonder if that Haaland lad is available?
  18. Bunch of shithouses. Hope that get knocked out in the next round.
  19. One stupid mistake has cost us our title. So fucking hard to take this. Fuck off Adrian. Another fucking Karius.
  20. Really stupid from Trent. Lucky to get away with that. Come on lads, finish them off in extra time.
  21. Gini and his magical head has got us back into this one again.
  22. Sometimes I wish god almighty would strike these diving cheats down where they fall. Annoying bastards.