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    Other Football - 2019/20

    Harsh comment on Pirlo. He would not have looked out of place in that Spain team such was his quality.
  2. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    How the fuck did we get turned over by Watford? They are utter shite and I hope they go down
  3. Baltar

    Rita Ora

    Don't know much about her singing or presenting skills but she has got a cracking pair on her.
  4. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Referees don't even bother hiding it anymore, just blatantly giving United unfair advantages whenever they struggle.
  5. Guess we need to hurry up and wrap up the title before the season is declared void! https://metro.co.uk/2020/02/28/liverpool-premier-league-title-coronavirus-jurgen-klopp-12320842/
  6. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    It's all academic, we were winning the title anyway but nice to wrap it up now and get a guard of honour from these financially doping cheating cunts next week.
  7. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Haha, City desperate to avoid giving us a standing ovation. They want to win this badly.
  8. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Chelsea are overrated crap. City will win here comfortably.
  9. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That's the difference between City and us (and every other team). They can bum most teams even when rotating heavily. We lose a lot of our potency even if one regular player is out.
  10. Baltar

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    That was shite. To be expected considering the long break but still, was difficult to watch. Two injuries already. Bit of a shit day all round but at least we got a point, I was seriously worried when Lovren came on that we could actually lose.
  11. Baltar

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    If we get a point with Lovren on the pitch it would be a great achievement....
  12. Baltar

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    FFS shitting it now Lovren is on. Matip is just made of glass.
  13. Baltar

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    Wish we had a spare left back...
  14. Baltar

    Your Top 5 Wrestlers of All Time?

    Bret Hart, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, the Rock.
  15. Baltar

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    I'd never seen this Jama bird before. She's unreal.
  16. Baltar

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    A bit concerning that we're not looking to add any more players. We didn't spend much this season either, just Minamino I think it was? We're making more money than ever, this isn't the time for FSG to start getting stingy.
  17. Baltar


    Looks like New Zealand is going back to normal, lucky bastards. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-52658550 I guess they won't be having any international visitors for a while though. Does anyone know if the virus could simply reappear in NZ even though they have eradicated transmission? A bit like the flu, could it crop up again even if nobody is contagious and they don't allow anyone in from abroad?
  18. The player concerns are legitimate, but the fact it's mainly players from the teams at the bottom speaking up does make it appear they have an agenda and just want to use the virus as an excuse to escape relegation. If all other clubs are happy to go along with the restart then why do the relegation-threatened teams have a problem? Hmm, I wonder.... The virus isn't going away anytime soon, certainly not in the UK where it'll be rampant for a long time yet thanks to the ineptitude of the government so footballers living here will have to decide whether they want to stall their careers for months on end, or do they get out there and get on with playing football.
  19. Personally do not give a shit about an asterisk, I only care about the 19th title and that's it. Not our fucking fault a virus has ended a season that we have utterly dominated, and I'll take a title with an asterisk than no title at all. And I can't imagine for an instant that if we can't resume, that the league will deny us the title. The league can do the sporting, sensible and fair thing and get no bother, or they can be cunts and cheat us out of the title that is by rights ours, and face the mother of all uproars. I think they'll go for the sensible option. As for sorting out the rest of issues about relegation, promotion etc. Don't really care what they do but my personal preference is to relegate the bottom 3 and promote the top 3 from the Championship. Let's be honest, those 3 at the bottom were going down anyway.
  20. Personally I don't care too much if the season is completed, as long as we are awarded the title. It's a shit situation, not much anyone can do about it but if the season can't be safely resumed then just end it, with us being champions. I'm fine with that, don't care about the rest. If it gets voided however, there will be hell to pay as far as I'm concerned.
  21. The relegation candidates that don't want to resume the season, will they prefer the season end on current standings like they've done in France? Well I guess the teams currently in the bottom 3 won't be but that should be all the more incentive for them to get out there and play when the time comes instead of hoping the season is voided.
  22. Personally I think that's fair given the circumstances but obviously there'll be uproar from clubs that still had a realistic chance of staying up.
  23. I'm pretty sure the government will intervene and declare no more football until fuck knows when. The season will be finished without playing another game. The only question is whether they void it, or end with decisions made on champions, Cl qualification, relegation, promotion etc.
  24. I've been fairly relaxed about this whole thing but have to admit, if PSG aren't awarded the title I'm going to start panicking a little.