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    Jobs with a high percentage of cunts

    Totally agree with you, I work for the local social services as an advisor so luckily don't do much work with people who have to look at claiming JSA, but do encounter similar obstacles for people who are genuinely trying to claim what they're entitled to for other benefits
  2. Growler

    Jobs with a high percentage of cunts

    That's my line of work and I'd have to agree with you! Some of the people I have worked with or met from other agencies honestly think they're modern day saints and any change that comes in never seen as a good thing, always moaning about something!
  3. Growler

    GF Gym

    I started crossfit about this time last year and enjoyed it. The workouts are varied so it's hard the get bored of it and the coaches & others in the classes keep each other motivated. Don't get to go as much now because of work,which is a shame as I found it better than any gym and overall results were good!
  4. Growler

    Joe Allen thread

    I've seen Allen play for Wales a few times so was pleased when we signed him but was still a little surprised at how good he was yesterday. Whereas at the time 15m looked a little steep it now looks like a bargain