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  1. Zidane. Just because. Gullit a close second.
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    Ace Footy Shirts

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    Ace Footy Shirts

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    Ace Footy Shirts

    From Portsmouth/Southsea? This isn’t a bad kit.
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    Ace Footy Shirts

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    Ace Footy Shirts

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    Ace Footy Shirts

    The brainwave of Paul Trevillion, the bloke who created the comic strip, You Are The Ref.
  8. A mate married a girl from Bristol and moved there.
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    I had a packet of these the other day, they were pretty tasty. Still can’t beat fizzy cola bottles, though.
  10. There are some wonderful players here. However, a couple of them were attacking midfielders, and I don’t recall Makelele as anything other than a defensive midfielder. Fuck it, Hoddle and Platini.
  11. What is Claude Makelele, a defensive midfielder and not a lot else, doing here?
  12. Joe Jordan. I once saw him on the platform at Bristol Temple Meads Station. I said “Alright Joe” and he shook my hand.
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    I’m sure some people just post in this thread to stirrup other posters.
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    (Horse) chestnut rep.
  15. Nah, it has to be Pele. Pele wouldn’t be my choice if I was picking my favourite all-time XI, but he is widely regarded to be the best centre-forward of all time.