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  1. Istvan Kuntstain

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Poor Hancock....
  2. Istvan Kuntstain

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    One fucked corrupt country.
  3. Istvan Kuntstain


    Just been listening to LBC to my shame, the gammons on there calling for a stopping of benefits unless you get vaccinated... what a fucking country
  4. Istvan Kuntstain


    There shouldn't be this one if the dickhead in charge ran things properly.
  5. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    I think they would of charged him by now, In 2013 the Germans had plenty of tip offs following a Crimewatch like programme that went cold as it wasn't followed up, then they don't have enough to firmly put him in da Luz at the time. They seem to have the same evidence they did last year and couldn't charge him then so without something new I see no charge.
  6. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    It is likely they will never charge him, seems they have a pic of a dead girl or such but nothing to link it to him or to prove it is def Maddie. No conspiracy just a lack of evidence, as to the parents again lack of evidence.
  7. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    It doesn't need to be a conspiracy does it? he has links to the area and to a missing boy in Portugal in 96, like you point out he has plenty of form yet it would seem there's no or not enough concrete evidence to charge him etc.. I think Jimmy Saville is Carol Thatchers Dad no evidence though.
  8. Istvan Kuntstain

    Which drugs should be legal (supply and possession)

    The portuguese model was based on work in the UK that got shelved as the government didn't like the results.
  9. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    By the fact he isn't charged...
  10. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    Not really the point, I call Col cunts a cunt as there's evidence for it, here there's evidence he has done all the other crimes but it seems none for this crime yet we are told he def did it.
  11. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    oh so they have none and just say it's him then... I'd of sooner they had stayed quiet and got the actual evidence. Woof
  12. Istvan Kuntstain

    The McCanns...

    Well he hasn't been charged despite all the evidence ?
  13. Istvan Kuntstain

    GB News

    Bet A queg and Col Cunt will love it.
  14. Istvan Kuntstain

    Which drugs should be legal (supply and possession)

    Mostly as it has been bred to do so, Myrcene being the dominant terpene just like with hops. If you have a linalool dominant varietal it doesn't have that smell. Medicinal cannabis is now getting more available in the UK at last. https://www.drugscience.org.uk/project-twenty21/
  15. Istvan Kuntstain

    Euro 2020(21)

    Stuck my bet365 free bet on them, hopefully they get an early goal so I lay a bit off for free ££