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  1. Istvan Kuntstain

    Attackers Draft.

    is it not @Strontium Dog™ before Alex_K?
  2. Istvan Kuntstain

    Attackers Draft.

  3. Istvan Kuntstain

    Midfield Draft

    @Karl_bKovacic been picked mate....
  4. Istvan Kuntstain


    So my sister has just rung me about my ma, turns out that getting onto the ICU is now a lottery and one where she hasn't got the ticket due to a bad heart. Haven't told my dad this yet and dreading doing so, the next 2 days are crucial for her so I thank you all for the well wishes much appreciated.
  5. Istvan Kuntstain

    Midfield Draft

  6. Salah has plenty to do with it, how often does he track back?, how often does he intercept?, how often does he loose the ball? how often does he not pass? granted he's a great player but so is Henderson just for different reasons. Don't think Henderson has had the luxury of being in constant role this season but I'm sure he was up there last season as one of the best forward passers in the Prem? don't think there's much point in passing forward for the sake of it.
  7. Istvan Kuntstain

    Attackers Draft.

    @Golden Eel (not showing?)
  8. Istvan Kuntstain

    Defender Draft

    Kimmich, @Alex_K
  9. Istvan Kuntstain

    Goalkeeper Draft.

    Ter stegan, @Dynamite
  10. Yet De Gea did 1 save from Thiago, you might not be worried but I am. Those chances we had yesterday none were clear cut and other than the fullbacks and front 3 who is a regular goal creator? we can have 60 to 70 per cent each game it's useless if we create nothing with it...
  11. More pressure needed on them, Jota aside they have Origi as the competition!! they also need a rest now and then.
  12. Istvan Kuntstain


    So the cunting thing has put me ma in hosi, the doc agreed the ventilator is a no no so she's on the nasel tube, she had no covid symptoms (as such) just a kidney ache but that made her collapse...
  13. Istvan Kuntstain

    FM 2021 Comp (Manager Poll & Team Name)

    Dynamo Kuntstain
  14. Istvan Kuntstain

    Football Manager Comp.

    I'll give it a go...