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  1. Hmm he was named as joint owner with Magniers wife hence he sued for half the stud fees, magnier changed the ownership on the eve of the gimcrack The ownership was originally listed with horse racing Ireland as 50/50 with Susan Magnier this was changed to rock of Gibraltar syndicate in the stud book.. Magnier told Ferguson that he was entitled to 50 per cent of winnings and 2 studs per year, Ferguson insisted on more. After a lot of media pressure Magnier offered 4 stud standings per year and Ferguson still demanded more..
  2. Yeah, JP Mcmanus and Magnier gifted half the horse to Ferguson and he decided he wanted more so they hired some PI's to look into Ferguson and found 99 issues then the BBC did the documentary on the back of it.. It was Magnier who had the most shares in Utd and he sold them to the Glazers and made a massive profit
  3. Istvan Kuntstain

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Since his leg went crack
  4. Kante is better deeper, he isn't as effective winning the ball back higher, his 2 best seasons were when he played deeper and more defensive It's relevant because it's about context, you have dismissed Kante as a defensive mid because you have decided you're right, you stated that because Stig seen Kante play as a DM he was wrong as in your opinion that's not were he plays. Well I never thought Oxlade would make it in the centre, so it's relevant as in I was wrong and I think you are about Kante, you also called someone an idiot over their views having seen him play there a few times. To put it more succinctly I think you're a cunt Stacksy (can I call you that)
  5. hold the fuck on, Klopp signed Oxlade after seeing him play CM once, is he an idiot?
  6. Probably because he's been out of position, I think he was definitely more defensive before Jorginho and Sarri
  7. Istvan Kuntstain

    The Railways

    Reckon a trip with Northern is scarier though
  8. Istvan Kuntstain

    The Railways

    I've been getting it, better than northern
  9. Istvan Kuntstain

    Grenfall Tower Fire

    Not played her career down at all nor do I know her to like or dislike, the retired judge (not that I think he was a good choice either) can call on experts for technical expertise like he has in phase 1, Thouria Istephan is there for the technical stuff so again what does she bring? again it isn't about her it's about why her especially given the link to a company with a vested interest in this. Who is there specifically for social housing etc that the families specifically asked for and thought they had.
  10. Istvan Kuntstain

    Grenfall Tower Fire

    She oversaw the runways at Heathrow and then went into social housing very briefly and moved into health for the London ambulance service where she has been director of assets and property, the business she was a director of is a small company to say the least. It's not about her integrity it's the fact that Johnson has no issue that the charity she headed took money from one of the companies involved in this disaster, it is also about the fact that the professor she has replaced was crucial for a view from social housing, something the families specifically asked for. Where as she's a chartered engineer who's experience with social housing is limited. Sir Martin Moore-Bicks has enough technical expertise as do others so what does she bring to the panel?
  11. Istvan Kuntstain

    Grenfall Tower Fire

    And what makes you think she's the best person? Not sure what the last bit is meant to imply? She's not the top in the field or high up is she? She's a chartered engineer that is a director of a small company that happened to chair the womans engineering society charity.
  12. Istvan Kuntstain

    Grenfall Tower Fire

    She's still a trustee, I'm in the industry so no not everyone has links. She certainly does not have more knowledge than the person she replaced especially in regard to social issues that the families want. I find it an odd appointment that discards the feelings of those involved.
  13. Istvan Kuntstain

    Grenfall Tower Fire

    The chairty she chaired received it's biggest donation from Arconic who the families are suing! If you were one of them would you be happy? They couldn't find someone who wasn't linked?
  14. Istvan Kuntstain

    Donald Trump

    I see the cunt bullied us and a few others over Iran's nuclear program with 25 per cent car tarrifs if we didn't agree with him, and people think trade deals will be good with this loon
  15. Istvan Kuntstain


    Turns out the Tesco one I used was soya based and called naked glory, it's the sainsburys one that's pea based called naturli