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  1. Istvan Kosma

    The Homeless Problem

    Not really, the drug problem is to cover an underlying issue as evident from her aunt Cathy she didn't have a great start and while some can deal with it better and have success with therapy etc others don't and turn to substance abuse to deal with things, so is it a drug problem? You'd think with her mum dying through drugs it would be enough to stay away but she didn't, but then some from backgrounds of violence are themselves violent etc... theres simply not enough money to provide proper services for help as it's still seen as not a money maker unless its people paying for pills or being locked up...
  2. Istvan Kosma

    The Homeless Problem

    and theres more of the quote "We should not be seeing people sleeping in doorways in 2019. It's an absolute disgrace. "There are shelters that people can access, but for personal reasons not everyone wants to take that option. "It's unkind to deny someone a basic doorway to sleep in, just because people think it looks scruffy." She added: "We are going to see more and more of this because of the lack of funding available to help people with issues like drug addiction. "People need to be a lot more tolerant and understanding instead of criticising them as addicts who are making a mess." and as to them giving her a house; "At 17, Aimee was given a council house. In retrospect, Cathy says this was almost as dangerous as providing her with nothing. “It was a proper bloody house, with a dining room and everything. She couldn’t cope with that. The whole street was terrace housing, and it was all bums outside. I remember walking down the street and every house was occupied by young people.” Liverpool’s most vulnerable young people had been provided for, but not supported, given homes to play adults in, doss, get wasted and deal drugs. "
  3. Istvan Kosma

    Famous People Who Are 'Probably' Cunts

    they do, http://thefappeningblog.wiki/carol-kirkwood/carol-kirkwood-leaked-and-fappening-21-photos/
  4. Istvan Kosma

    The Homeless Problem

    ask the likes of Portugal how they tackled such problems, the approach needs to change with regard to drugs and drug abuse
  5. Istvan Kosma

    The Homeless Problem

    good to see them do this just in time for the winter months, don't want the building getting storm damage etc...
  6. Istvan Kosma

    Area 51

  7. Istvan Kosma

    Is Q-Tip the best rapper of all time?

    but we can confirm that easytoslip is a cunt.
  8. Istvan Kosma

    Famous People Who Are 'Probably' Cunts

    He's slightly racist too.. and an utter obnoxious cunt! Daniel Kitson hates him...
  9. Istvan Kosma

    Is Q-Tip the best rapper of all time?

    Stormzy he's just another culture vulture!! don't get the hype with him plus he stuck up for the ginger c**t but then he had beef with wileys brother before, I just do't like him much prefer skepta and wiley.. I liked dave with funky friday and black but not given him too much of a listen if I'm honest.. so will give him a go
  10. Istvan Kosma

    Miley Cyrus

    maybe she's just a game girl who doesn't give a fuck, she def doesn't make me sad....
  11. Istvan Kosma

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    haha it's like the 90's where tesco introduced the vouchers for sports so parents would go shop there to help the schools out slightly forgetting that the council and government get money to do this !! we've been dumbed down for years
  12. Istvan Kosma

    Lib Dems

    shouting negger negger negger negger, mega stronts thing
  13. Istvan Kosma

    Lib Dems

    ? I don't revenge neg, I think you and maybe Rico are the only cunts I've negged and it wasn't tactical it was due to being cunts I'm not crying over it, I'm saying it shows you for the cunt you are.... now what does "people like me" mean? perhaps you shouldn't be a negging cunt, just a thought..
  14. Istvan Kosma

    Lib Dems

    you're a revenge negging cunt stronts, and full of shit, the sort of cunt that gets a neg and looks for posts of negger for revenge.. or you contact someone's work like a cunt and claim you did nothing wrong, I don't like you as your're a snide cunt who's probably still breast feeding... Though I do sometimes find your posts funny and it makes me feel ill..... Ya cunt
  15. Istvan Kosma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    state of Jimmy Bullard there....