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  1. I watched PSG vs Toulouse in Mbappes last home game for them on Sunday night. He took his goal brilliantly after 8 minutes but then went missing for the rest of the game. His performance was disgraceful and lazy. Just like Rashford after his belter in the manc derby. You can guarantee a work rate and effort from Darwin. I guess it’s the goal itself though that counts more. (PSG and Utd both lost them games)
  2. John Krasinski isn’t he with Emily Blunt the jammy get? She’ll be in the Croc demanding an Aussie whites
  3. Give it a go. My dad swears by it. Classic after classic
  4. Been saying it for ages Romero is a fucking liability. Hope Ederson is ok, looks bad this.
  5. Cracking bit of fluff that Elizabeth Barkley. She’s in Any Given Sunday plays a high class brass. Some body fuck me
  6. That giraffe scrap on the Attenborough Africa one should have won Ring magazines fight of the year. Proper tear up that, no weapons
  7. It’s over a bird. Quelle fucking surprise
  8. I bet they didn’t try and ram the oil tanker though did they the fucking shithouses
  9. I was there. It was a bit of a carnival atmosphere, sunny day and the king was in the stadium. People cheered Redknapps free kick but there was a quick realisation that we could have just handed the man a the title. Loads of fellas with radios by their ear in the Kop. It seemed like the Kop knew before the Blackburn end. I remember a fella near us saying he doesn’t mind cheering because it’s not for Blackburn it’s for Kenny. I was only a kid though.
  10. Yep these are fucking delicious as well. I never gave cauliflower a second thought before I met a vegan. Thought it was shit and never used to have it. Roasted with tahini is lovely as well.
  11. We’ve just watched the first episode of The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Don’t think I’ll be able to do back to back episodes of this. Powerful but makes me so fucking angry the evil involved and what those poor people went through.
  12. Foods which sets your arse off The Foodie Thread
  13. Yep. I’m horrified at myself and you quite frankly
  14. Remember this? Well the fella who apparently posted it originally has been nicked for strangling his wife. This went viral before me and her met and I’ve just asked her what colour it is. We’re now not talking. It’s white & gold
  15. @operationyewtree
  16. The way Neville says “it’s a nonsense” instead of just “it’s nonsense” the annoying fucking mug
  17. Made them last week, used olive oil, soy sauce and paprika as a baste. 30 minutes in the oven. Bloody lovely
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