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  1. Well you must because you’ve just denied what you assumed I was implying.
  2. Cannon fodder. His pearly whites are just crying to get knocked through.
  3. They’ll make more money from the wood from the ground for barbecues
  4. It seems only some children matter. Racists eh
  5. Your lack of self awareness is one for Louis Theroux The Catholic Church can fuck off and I say that as a ‘Roman Catholic’ But fuck me, your hypocrisy is as usual…. Amazing
  6. Haven’t watched it lid but defo lad you ok lad or what kid
  7. Religion means fuck all. Greed is king. Unless you’re living on the side of a mountain as a monk. Maybe we should leave it to them.
  8. With wingers who can swing the ball in he’s a decent striker. Can we have Guimares and let them have knickers and bra’s
  9. Same. And his dad. And any cunt who voted for him.
  10. Gingers quite hot in a snooker ref kind of way
  11. I’ve just put it on and it looks like he’s won against what can only be described as a doorman from a techno club in Tallin
  12. I might move to Dover and start selling dinghies going the other way. I’ll make a fucking fortune
  13. I’ve said for ages they’ve given whipping boys (and lettuce) a go with a plan. No chance these are that thick. Watch a re-brand. Watch a rush to support a Government makeover. Watch people being thrown under buses (literally if there’s any justice) and watch the next 10/12 years be exactly the fucking same.
  14. I was in the same Nando’s as him about 7 years ago. He kept getting up and walking around waiting for people to notice him. It was a midday afternoon and all. He’s a blert.
  15. If I stabbed someone then spray painted my side wall saying I did it then my defence was people get stabbed all the time I’d be expecting to do time. I think the chances of her being innocent are very very very slim. Like 0.01% Which is why I wouldn’t call for the death penalty if we had it in this country. She’d be out in 5 in Norway.
  16. If I didn’t know what you looked like in real life I’d swear you were SD’s 3rd account
  17. What about the actual evidence that saw her convicted on 14 cases after a 9 month trial? Are we ignoring that?
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