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  1. fucking hell lads you need a night on the piss with each other' date=' reading this is fucking cringeworthy, sounds like a load of gimps arguing in a games workshop over battleships...

    We are all reds and all love the same club, there's enough wankers that hate us as it is, lets all chill the fuck out and have a cyber hug !!![/quote']



    sounds like you need a night on the piss. keep you from blimpin all them nippers in games workshop. have a cyber kick in the balls.

  2. When I was a contributor and anyone could rep, I had the 2nd highest reputation on the forum. I'm still have the highest reputation of any non-contributor. The 'everyone hates you' line is clearly a load of bullshit. 4/5 posters - group thinking mother fuckers - dislike me because I called them out on their utter lack of knowledge and thoughtless bullshit. Fuck 'em, I'll keep defending myself.


    Then there's this 'keeping on about being right'. I challenge anyone to find more than three times since the summer that I said it. In fact, I think I mentioned it twice in a thread the other day, but only when being attacked for actually being right. Fucked if I'm going to apologise for it. I certainly won't be made to feel guilty about it by a few dickheads who got it woefully wrong and ripped the posters - of which there were many - who got it right.



    what. the... fuck? you can't take a joke mate. thank fuck your not a chicken.

  3. carroll hasn't been as bad as people have made out this season he just hasn't had the service and has had to adapt. fair play to the lad and i wouldn't accept 20 million for him today. someone mentioned they hope he goes to the euro's so he lays off the ale, i agree. and theirs no glastonbury this year either which is a bonus. he looked like he grew a foot the other night when he spooned one and the kop sang his name. thats what he needs, us behind him and he will be a fucking beast for us. him and suarez on top form? its fucking frightening the damage they could do. now for some decent wingers to provide the ammo.


    Número Veinticinco - your entitled to your opinion fella of course but the way you keep bouncing back from the shit you get on here is outstanding. you have more resiliance than that russian in rock n rolla . you boring tit-ed

  4. this thread is wrong! it's wrong !!! mt's just wrong ! No! it's wrong !


    and it's also fucking obvious it's holloway.


    who wants that fat fergie bumming dart playing brummie cunt back in the prem touting himself for the real madrid job? daft cunt.

  5. whats everyones favourite watering hole in town?


    Mine's heebie jeebies on seel street. fit little indie birds, decent pint and the amazing kappa pop up in there from time to time. decent stage out the back for bands when it's not pissing down as well. fuckin boss in there it is. and I fit in with my mario kempes barnet.

  6. i fucking hate that union jack i do. the whole monarchy fucking thing gives me the shits. and the national anthem is for cunts.


    still no excuse ever for the fucking cheese and tomatoe quiche i've just eaten from the shell garage.

  7. Henderson or Shelvey.


    Neither will be a Gerrard clone - that would be silly to expect.


    Both can provide something that will mitigate the loss of Gerrard.


    Same for Carragher. Coates and Kelly are in a very good position to lessen his loss.


    Shelvey is the closest we have


    henderson? I hope you chuckled as you typed that. the only thing he has in common with gerrard is that they both have heads. and half the time henderson doesn't even wear his.

  8. A contract worth £50m in one of the world's great capital city's buys you a good standard of misery.


    is his contract worth 50 million?


    have you ever lived in london? misery capital of the world. theres more miserable cunts per square mile than anywhere in the northern hemisphere apart from st helens.


    torres is a homo. he wasn't, now he is.

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