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  1. fucking random that one.any reason for it?
  2. pendleton over ennis for me. however gentleman....... Introducing - Melanie Adams - Aussie pole vaulter
  3. likewise there is no law saying that if I have a roast dinner at 8 in the morning i cant call it tea? or whatever the fuck i like for that matter?
  4. How in the fuck has this slipped under the radar?
  5. don't wanna piss on your 'supper' but you're wrong - it had gone midday when I ate it.
  6. I've just had a cooked breakfast for dinner actually! work that cunt out
  7. its fucking tea in liverpool ok. brekkie, dinner, tea. stick ya brunch, lunch, supper shit up yer fuckin mongey arses
  8. not sure if anyone else is thinking the same mate but this all seems a bit gay. you are displaying all the hallmarks of a secret fudge-packer? not accusing you of being one, i'm simply pointing out that you could be a galactic homo....
  9. the sky sports news tune. and that sure men cunt. just cut to the cleavelage on the screen talkin about the sport will ya!!!! wait..... oh fuck it's jim.
  10. who in the fuck tagged this crazy bastard:
  12. tag's are fucking important. leave them be and if you get offended? don't read them. I hate moaning bastards
  13. arr fuck that, throw it out the window. that should clear the room.
  14. swinging talk that mate. meet in a neutral place first.
  15. yeah I agree. space is good. but the point i'm making is everyone seems to be entering your woman's space? think about it....
  16. may i ask where your bird is? I assume she isn't sat next to you watching you react like a bell-end because some 'bigger boys' called you a cunt on the internet? she is either at work getting blimped/emailed/texted/fingered by some other bloke or in a lay bye getting her tits covered in munk.
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