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  1. Stephen Pollard Rachel Riley Netenyahu Darth Vader
  2. He’s the best thing since sliced bread …. Nah he’s boss and I love him. Salah was far worse yesterday. Jota did fuck all but miss a sitter. Gakpo… fuck knows But Darwin is the whipping boy for some. So be it.
  3. See this is the point. They’re all horrible cunts. Just a certain few people (not you @SasaS because I know you have) won’t condemn Israel and see them as some sort of beacon of western democracy in the second most unstable region on the planet when they’re absolute antagonists and murdering racists.
  4. They won the Reds got Beat league yesterday so they’ll all be too hungover
  5. Well done Scheffler. How many times has a favourite won it?
  6. “Some of you” For someone who claims to be so clever you really lack any alternative thought to whatever has been drummed into that brain. I prefer civilisation that doesn’t slaughter people no matter if it’s Hamas, Isreal or any cunt that does it. If you think “western civilisation” is humane then you need to read a new book.
  7. Tommy Fleetwood was unlucky there. Should have been 6 under.
  8. Has Morikawa always been a petulant lad? God American golfers wind me up.
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