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  1. It’s probably the crack and the pot that swung it
  2. I saw Richard Osman at St Pancras a few years ago. He’s really tall but he looked absolutely fucked. Like a heavy heavy hangover
  3. He wasn’t a Bluecoat. I never had any credibility in the first place. I don’t pretend to be Franny Bennett unlike you. You defo walk down the motorway with your top off
  4. It was Pontins so it was bluecoats you mullet
  5. You grew up in Longview and upgraded to erm…… Govan Fugitives clan
  6. Looks like Right Said Fred have announced a comeback tour. Fury dresses like Fuge
  7. She looks like she drinks Lambrini before midday
  8. It wasn’t at all. My nan and grandad had a farm on Cronton Road. The Big Chippy was my local. Outstanding.
  9. You cheeky bastard!!!!! I was born there and stayed a matter of days but I was raised in an L postcode not Widnes. And definitely not fucking Runcorn. Lid
  10. Michael Cohen openly admitting to lying for Trump and lying freely when it suited his own personal needs. What an entitled horrible cunt.
  11. I’m gonna be honest here, someone needs to say it. Her character in Yellowstone is great but she’s a bit of a boot. She looks like a smackhead. I mean you would like but she’s not all that at all.
  12. I know what these hungry, desolate and depressed folk will want! A portal to Times Square to watch other people having fun!!!! Fucking eejits
  13. That Steven Bartlett off Dragons Den. Fake nice guy, annoying voice, thinks he’s the oracle on everything just fuck off and live on a beach you smarmy rich cunt
  14. I’ve met both of them!!!!! Brilliant girls! My missus really got along with them both (stood purposely in between me and them haha)
  15. Thank fuck I was only there a week
  16. To look at she is!!!! But she is never ever ever eva evar evaa not getting on my nerves foreverrrr
  17. Kellie Maloney would batter John Fury
  18. Ok now read back what I wrote and respond accordingly instead of misrepresenting what I was saying.
  19. Apparently John Fury announced “I’m fucking ref” the second they landed
  20. The mind says Usyk on points but you just can’t write Fury off.
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