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  1. My mates working it and has been over there since Monday. And it’s dead, hardly seen any fans. Germans are flying in today then back out after the game. There would have been a hundred thousand reds there at least I reckon if we’d got there. Obviously many from Ireland 

  2. 1 hour ago, VladimirIlyich said:

    'We come not to play.' 

    What the fuck was that all about?

    Yeah that’s weird. Flags on the roads up to the ground with it as well as across the side of the stadium. What the fuck are we here for then? 

    Shove all the bollocks. “School of science, people’s club, we are the people” etc etc. stick to winning stuff. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Rushies tash said:


    That's a other thing that pisses me off. The brass neck of these cunts saying they've got a plan after the last 14 years of utter bollocks. They've ruined everything they've fucking touched the useless shower of fuckwits. And now they've got a plan? Surely by now people can see through their "repeat it enough and the plebs will believe it" shite.

    Every question he gets asked he skirts around and ends with a tagline. It’s the Tory way. They all need shooting 

  4. 45 minutes ago, razor said:


    It's alright, but I can't let it pass without discussion of it demonising the working class.


    The whole premise of the horror genre is that our decent, upstanding main characters are senselessly attacked by an external "other", a monster, a force that they can't understand or reason with.


    Eden Lake is basically warning the middle classes to avoid working class people.


    In the plus column, it's British.  In the minus, it is telling people to hate those smelly commoners.


    If you ask who the film is talking to, it's Daily Mail readers.


    As Owen Jones said, modern culture, via films like this, turn the working class from salt of the earth to scum of the earth.

    See also Deliverance 

  5. Vorderman is releasing a book digging right into all their shady behaviour right back from day one under Cameron including vip ppe lanes. No doubt gb news and the hate mail will be frantically trying to dig up as much shit on her as possible. She’s relentless and it’s fucking great. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, Arniepie said:

    Saw him before..apparently the coach got lost from the others and ended up outside some shops.Loads of the windows got put in and a few got the coach. Apparently the club have Been in touch with the fella to try and get him compo.

    Not really sure how that's going to work out but still?

    Yeah I’m sure they didn’t bounce off 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Section_31 said:

    Boeing offers condolences after a passenger was killed on a Boeing 777 plane, says their “thoughts” are with the passengers and crew. In total 30 people were injured and a 73-year-old British man was killed. The incident happened after the plane fell a whopping 6000 feet.




    Wouldn’t have happened if that selfish bitch had put her food tray away when the seatbelt light came on 

  8. It won’t happen of course but imagine the faces on all these evertonians calling for city to be held to account and the league strip them of their titles handing us 3 more titles 


    “they should be punished!!!! Over a hundred fucking charges they should be dragged through the courts kicking and screaming!” 

    “Ok done, all titles stripped and handed to the runners up” 


    “woah hang on a minute” 

  9. 2 hours ago, Mudface said:


    I was directly in line with the Gudjohnsen shot in the last seconds, time seemed to stand still. I was so hoarse by the end, I couldn't speak properly for a week afterwards.

    Still makes my arse go even watching it back now 

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