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  1. She’s had Motherland on today. Funny as fuck
  2. Reform have got better odds with the bookies than the Lib Dem’s. Embarrassing.
  3. I’m waiting to see what the remaining Chuckle brother thinks
  4. Apart from Bellew fighting at Goodison Park
  5. Borini. Fuck me I forgot about him
  6. Apparently IDF have killed a few Egyptian soldiers. Hopefully Egypt blow them to hell
  7. What a horrible racist cunt. Fuck Israel’s right to defend itself, that’s not what they’re doing at all and it didn’t fucking start in October. I hope he gets a fucking kicking the murder defending cunt Evil murdering genocidal arrogant scum
  8. New manager gives striker confidence boost before the season…… obviously according to the criers that’s a bad thing. Fuck. Me!
  9. I think the club would miss Codes revenue if Salah goes
  10. He’s off his fucking head. Genuinely amazes me every single time. If he was an actor he’d be up there with Partridge as the funniest one out there
  11. We’re foden and de bruyne behind city
  12. Good on him. He’s still a little bellend but that’s sound
  13. Nah I reckon it’s some flannel that lives ….. no maybe …. Oh I don’t know. Part of me wants to post a picture of ….. no I’ll leave it. I’m a far better man.
  14. Hahaha he couldn’t get a bus on time let alone fight
  15. He’d get the private pile treatment then hopefully blow his miserly Victorian fucking head off
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