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  1. I know we’ve had the opening paracetamol at the instruction end every time rant but has anyone noticed recently how hard it is to get one out???? Also this bottle top thing is pissing me off. I know it’s probably for the greater good but it’s ruining my experience
  2. I think we should prioritise every single game until the end of the season.
  3. Rachel Riley is a cunt, a racist, a liar, an attention seeker and looks like she’d be a shit shag. I’ve dealt with the first 4. Happy to deal with the 5th.
  4. The thing is mate it’s more a powers that be thing rather than a “Jewish” issue. Many Jews are marching against Isreal. Many are disgusted and of course many are rightly worried about the fall out and rise in anti-Jewish sentiment. Fuck Israel for their behaviour but that’s not aimed at the people of Israel it’s aimed at the government and their actions. For the record again, Fuck Hamas, Fuck Israel and fuck Kirsty Allsopp
  5. Erm, you’re forgetting someone ….
  6. The response I was waiting for. Shame SD couldn’t articulate it as well instead resorting to nazi allegations and being a hypocrite. Fair play Babbs It’s Anne Widdecombe on a diet that! Fucking spitting image
  7. Fucking hell you were pretty much saying Hamas were gonna be looking for you in Wallasey not long ago make your fucking mind up
  8. Fuck myself for highlighting your hypocrisy? No Strontz, go fuck YOURSELF You clearly can’t make an opposing argument so instead of going round calling people nazi anti-semites why don’t you answer direct questions and stop lying/deflecting. You absolute shitbag
  9. Have the rush to condemn crowd been tweeting their condolences?
  10. Bringing Hillsborough into an argument to score points when only days ago you were defending people writing in the s*n. Stay classy dickhead
  11. I’m asking for an opposing argument. I didn’t say I agreed with him. Instead you’re calling him a racist and accusing him of spreading nazi filth. Yet you’re here trying to claim Rachel Riley wasn’t blaming Muslims for an attack on Bondi committed by a white man then calling people who called her out on it as having an agenda because they hate her. Can you not see your own filth?
  12. No, you are. Clear as day. It’s as embarrassing as it is laughable.
  13. Show me where he said it’s justified? Show me where anyone has said that? Now come on, what did he say that was so wrong? Educate me
  14. Yeah mate it really does
  15. Just out of interest….. can you explain why he’s wrong? (I’m not saying he’s right I’m just interested in your opinion on his post instead of just calling him racist)
  16. Jesus fucking wept what a horrible snide liar. She was quite clearly referring to people marching for peace in Palestine. Anyone denying that is a fucking bullshitter and trying to spin it as something it’s not. You’ve had some bad days strontz and this is up there. Right up there
  17. Still hasn’t justified his neg. I’ll add that lie to the list.
  18. yeah but none of that matters to racists
  19. She’s desperately backtracking because yet again the mask has slipped
  20. Piss easy route to the final in Istanbul and fluked the win from 3 nil down to an over the hill Milan team ….. Who did they struggle to beat in their cup winners cup win? Some Irish school?
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