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  1. Yeah it’s a Greg Taylor t-shirt and all
  2. Rivals pussy riot as a band name
  3. She’s not bad for a pescatarian
  4. mate you were moaning to me about them yorkshires earlier. They look fit
  5. Line on the left one cross each
  6. Look I’m not being funny but he has got a very big nose
  7. Says the self proclaimed cleverest on here hahahahahahaha you’re a fucking parody of yourself sometimes. You fucking bannister
  8. I’ll never forget my mate Jay turning up to footy training with a r*ngers goalie top on and a pair of Celtic shorts. The red one with the black arms that Andy Goram used to wear. He wasn’t even a goalie. Oh he got booted all over the pitch. Ridiculous really he wasn’t arsed about either side. Other than that I don’t remember growing up with many of that lot. Mainly Celtic heads or simply red or blue.
  9. And Swedish separate from Welsh
  10. Haha you use internet explorer
  11. Nobody gives a fuck about them other than their tiny hate filled boring minds. Reds away at Ibrox saw to that. Utter scum and always and I mean always ugly fucking cunts
  12. She does it once a month. Little legend she is
  13. Lovely. Her mums just dropped a roast off. Not seen it yet so not sure if I’ll post it
  14. Superb. If a picture could shag that would be up there. Looks superb
  15. Kenny prefers Oasis to Led Zeppeshitewhoripoffs
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