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  1. Dario G has had his last carnival
  2. You’ve still got cunts like Richard Littlejohn and Andrew Pierce calling the BBC a lefty mouthpiece. I wish I could strangle them to death.
  3. Lovely Chinese that. Went for my 40th. Could have eaten about 6 mains. Her little nephew ordered prawn crackers for his starter but people assumed they were just for the table so we’re leaning over taking them. He had a full blown meltdown. Hilarious.
  4. I’ll have the pretty maids in a row while you work that one out thanks.
  5. That head in a bottle cunt should have been put down. A national address and he turned up late dressed like he’d just left the pub to lie to our faces? Nation of cucks
  6. I think a lot of its tongue in cheek. Imagine the for at Anfield when we don’t hear a thing from him until the first game of the season and just after YNWA the smashed glass from the Stone Cold Steve Austin music starts and he bounces onto the pitch in leather Arne 3:16
  7. Lukaku fuming there he was wide open ffs
  8. I was wondering that?
  9. What a start to this game. Slovakia one up
  10. It’s about a five minute walk from Lime st. Take lube.
  11. A harrowing article about Greek authorities basically killing people trying to reach Greece is top of the daily hate. The comments section is why this world is in the gutter.
  12. Bitter arl tit. I’ve never been able to stand him. Up there with Nicol as the worst ex Red pundit.
  13. Never heard from the cunt
  14. Apparently a fair few England fans got bingoed before the games. I’m not one for violence at the match but I hope it was them scrotes singing ten German bombers
  15. Off his barnet that lad
  16. Serbian women are stunning eh. England are the world’s greatest cure for insomnia. I’ve yawned more times than Foden has touched the ball.
  17. It’s the landing that worries me
  18. He’s hiding the inside of the Yorkshire.
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