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  1. The world has lost a truly brilliant human being today. RIP
  2. I could have told them that all their candidates were cunts for a tenner and a peanut butter snickers
  3. He will have had to tell them fuckers to move for 20 seconds. Always busy there.
  4. Brilliant game that. Looked one of the shittest when I looked at the first round of fixtures.
  5. Boris Johnson got voted into power. Says it all.
  6. It’s a link to a register to vote page fyi
  7. Twat! He’s got a foot like a traction engine
  8. Bereft of Edinburgh, I’m lead to believe that the final episode involved a 6 minute long sex scene with one of the ladies from Derry Girls. Is it worth a watch? Yours in jest Curious of Widnes
  9. Im sure I’ve had a similar dream to that
  10. It should be a song by the highest selling artists from each country. England - The Beatles USA - Michael Jackson Australia - AC/DC Ireland - U2 Sweden - ABBA Wales - Goldie Lookin Chain
  11. Crowds a bit lively in this one
  12. Imagine Case and Smith doing that haha fuck sake
  13. Unfortunately this day and age that rules out about 80% of decent players.
  14. What’s come from the Covid enquiry? Was it just done for show? I hope Labour have got serious plans to seek prosecutions against these thieving Tory bastards.
  15. Forget online shopping, stop the boats! Or something
  16. I can’t recall Foden diving much the other night. England aren’t the worst divers in the tournament at all.
  17. I really don’t. Kanes a diver no doubt about that.
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