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  1. Was that when he was shagging that Scouse bird and the emails got leaked???
  2. I use the women’s dove. White bottle with blue top so no scent but it works a dream. The blokes ones always seem shit
  3. It can’t. Unfortunately Musk seems to welcome it. I’m off twitter for good now. Lost my last log in details so just gave up. Only sends me into a rage anyway. I get enough of that with some of the shitehawks on here
  4. Some fucking whoppers on the comments section on the echo. Obviously plenty of dickheads from out of town but unfortunately we’ve got a few local Tory right wing scumbags who love to spout shit.
  5. Im just gonna keep saying “we got more coverage for a stand getting knocked down and rebuilt” or even better “there was more coverage when Klopp started wearing contacts instead of glasses”
  6. It’s not even the words coming out of his mouth it’s the arrogance of sipping his coffee and look of “here we go again” when a woman is talking about food banks and malnourished kids. Can not wait for this cunt to fuck off
  7. Ironically Noam would have had to wear one when the nazi’s ruled certain parts of Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s if he lived there as well. I suspect there is a dislike of him from many of a right wing persuasion because of his criticism of Israel and US policy in assisting their own ethnic cleansing.
  8. Unlawful Entry (1992) Ray Liotta, Kurt Russell and the quite amazing Madeleine Stowe. LAPD cop becomes obsessed with the wife when victims victims of a break in. Gets really sinister and loses his mind while trying to ruin the husbands life. I’d. ever heard of this but I quite enjoyed it. Mainly for Madeleine Stowe who is genuinely beautiful. 7/10
  9. I only said he was still alive
  10. Anyway apparently he’s still alive x
  11. Played against us for Alaves the bastard
  12. So if Palestinian civilians fight back and start blowing up hospitals in Israel then nobody can moan than they eh? If Israel has a right to ‘defend’ herself then so does any nation right? We all know it’s not defending itself anyway. Like fuck it is. They’ve been doing this for years now they’ve got an excuse. It’s a land grab and that’s all it’s ever been about.
  13. Being anti-capitalist and anti US foreign policy isn’t anti westernism. It’s anti cuntism
  14. Thats handy. Deserved his own thread anyway.
  15. Her fucking off to another country because she fancies it sounds about right
  16. Still nothing on George?
  17. Jacobin as well. Hope it’s wrong
  18. I think his lawyer passed away a while back……
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