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  1. Im sure the 10 month court case covered more than statistics mate. She was found guilty of 14 murders. Undecided on 6. Look small chance she might be innocent but it’s hardly looking good.
  2. I’ve stood next to him and I genuinely didn’t think he looked that big! Got a picture somewhere and he’s not much bigger than me
  3. Cunts to a man. Can’t stand West Brom especially that cunt Bartley but I hope they win.
  4. I bet they all have lesbian orgies in women’s nick. They used to in the wrens messes in the Navy.
  5. I think I’m as exited for this fight as I’ve been since Froch v Groves 2. The fights in America are too corrupt for me to really get up for. Eddie Hearns back garden > MGM Grand
  6. Haha yeah defo. Box office carnage. Give him his credit, he’s fucking funny when he goes off on one.
  7. “I’m gonna knock the little fucker spark out”
  8. Yep good on them. Fucking GB news
  9. Cunt Hamas Cunt IDF Innocent fucking people for a few power hungry cunts bloodthirst. They should be hung like Saddam
  10. There’s a rematch clause anyway isn’t there?
  11. Get Sunday and the fall out gone and embrace the new fella. Hopefully one or two exciting signings to wet the appetite and next season can’t come round soon enough.
  12. Cunt club, cunt fans. Hope they stay down so they have to go to Pompey next season.
  13. I feel like it has been since Johnson won the election. They will have known that cunt would fuck it up then along comes Covid which they will have known they’d fuck up so it was kids at the pic n mix time. And us cucks have let them do it. I can imagine some thatcher type “we’ve left the county in a far better state than when we took over” shite followed a week by “Look at the state of the country under Labour” I hate them with every single ounce of my being. Every fucking one of them. Including those who voted that fucking wildebeest in
  14. Fuck this off. Just stay Jurgen. Run on the pitch with a mic after the game and shout I’m not fucking leaving
  15. Scottie Scheffler has just been nicked on his way to the PGA Championship. Handcuffed with a cop saying he’s going to jail
  16. He gave himself problems back then. Full on sparking himself in the face. Now he just jabs himself over and over
  17. City of Lies Surprised I missed this when it came out. Johnny Depp and Forest Whittaker in a true story about the investigation into Biggie’s murder and the cover up. Blatantly obvious that LAPD officers were working within Death Row Records and they were involved. Biggie’s mum tried to sue the LAPD for the 400 million but it got thrown out because it was still unsolved so officially an active case. Dodgy bastards. 7/10 Can’t believe he was only 24
  18. A black top hat with flowers on
  19. Still not over the ice age? The mammoths thawed out quicker than you. Hope you get better mate. Cols got it too
  20. The parasites are in parliament and running these companies. They should all be made to drink a pint of it direct from the spillage pipe. Except Therese Coffee, she’d probably enjoy it and ask for some bread to mop out her glass
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