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  1. Me in usually a few minutes if she’s lucky Oh….
  2. @Moonraker 9 years behind the veil
  3. He’s a Villa fan. I went to an evening with him at the Liverpool Empire last winter and he said he liked the name once when he was in England so started looking out for them now he’s a supporter.
  4. That Palace and the derby game. Fuck fucking sake Liverpool seriously fucking fuck sake. This was the game I was dreading most two months ago
  5. Hahahahaha testing the tannoy at bramley moore the soft cunts 7fc6cd86-9b9a-4b28-b2c9-cb8f3706563a.mov
  6. He’s a fucking Nobhead. Her brothers ex got us tickets to the Fury roadshow in Manchester. His dad was an absolute embarrassment as expected. I heckled him and he was kicking off. Got a picture with Tyson Fury and I was surprised how small he seemed considering he’s meant to be 6ft 9 and 19 stone or whatever. I was fucking hammered because it was the night after the 4:1 derby at Goodison so I made the mistake of topping up early doors so by the time I got there I was ballbagged and on the Sambucas. Surprised I didn’t get properly filled in to be honest. I was a bigger cunt than his dad the Nobhead.
  7. The Louis Theroux documentary is worth watching for those who think it’s Muslims who have a problem with Jews. I mean I’m sure some of the horrible cunts do but it’s a real eye opener. Uncomfortable watching for some id expect.
  8. Some of the best stuff on the internet right here
  9. You could ask that cunt the time and he’d bring up Corbyn. It’s pretty much all they’ve got.
  10. Still nobody willing to tell me why they’re invading the West Bank? No? It’s a land grab. Backed by other greedy nations.
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