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  1. 1 hour ago, Code said:

    How many other managers ( and who) can you think of that have got the opportunity to get a proper send off from the fans like Klopp did. By that I mean, not getting sacked but actually leaving the club even if the results are good and the fans still love you?

    Klopp when he left Dortmund

  2. Ever sat next to someone who’s eating a share pack of chilli Doritos one by one? With the breathing thing they do? Crunching down on each on with purpose then speeding up as it gets crummy. Picking them up between the thumb and forefinger as if they’re eating at the ritz. Feeling your blood boil beyond comprehension to the point where you’re seeing flashing images of blood all over the walls, flashing blue lights outside, evasion etc 




    I love her like but fuck me 

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Dave D said:


    I think this thread may live forever.


    Keep your powder dry for now, as soon as he hits his first hat trick for Valencia bang the You Tube video on here 

    Only if you promise when he bags his first hat trick under Arne that you’ll accept I was right all along and that Turdseye sniffs nappies 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Arniepie said:

    the final: attack on wembley


    its really hard not to talk about the unmentionable,about a programme on a footy match so fuck it.

    what struck me was about the while culture of england fans.I know liverpool have never all been angels but all that throwing bottles around and acting like cunts,has never really been part of following liverpool away
    Another thing which baflled me,when lpool play utd there are literally 100's of plod around.

    a high risk game in the centre of london with widespread disturbances and its literally takes hours for them to turn up.

    Even the "normal" england fans were bellends.Though it was funny seeing some of those bunking in getting laced by people with tickets


    Terribly policed. Surely by midday they knew it was going to go right off. Agreed on the ones getting digged when running in. 

  5. Just now, Captain Willard said:

    I was at Heathrow at 6 am today. Never fails to amuse me to see blokes with wives and kids in tow ordering pints to accompany their breakfast. Only at airports is this acceptable, they wouldn’t crack open a can at home to go with their cornflakes. 


    Most would if they could get away with it. Also, some people aren’t keen fliers so a beer or two steadies the nerves. Plus he’s dragging the wife and kids so he probably needs a beer. Add to that he’s probably in holiday mode and is glad to finally be off work for a little while and able to enjoy this thing we lamely call life. Not only that but there are no real time zones past check in and that’s just a fact so shove your berries and fibre with coffee breakfasts up your cat flap, let men be men. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Preston Red said:

    No doubt that scab Jeremy Vine will be in full Tory mode at 12. I might switch over to Capital Urban as I'll get more sense out of the mumbling rap lot on there.

    Whenever we pop out without the dog she leaves the radio on for him. We got in the car a few weeks ago and radio 2 was on and I just casually asked what she’d left on for the dog. As soon as she said Radio 2 I shot back in the house and changed it. It was about quarter past 11 and we’d be out a couple of hours, no chance I was putting the dog through that cunt. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, Olddantucker said:

    If City ever ever (in some parallel world, perhaps) get found guilty and lose their titles and we get awarded a couple more premier league titles, should we get Jurgen, Bobby, Sadio & the rest back and have a massive celebratory street parade and wind the rest of the country up completely?



    31 minutes ago, Paulie Dangerously said:

    In time will his era be remembered more for the trophies or the nesr misses 

    Rejuvenating the greatest club side in the world after 25 years of shite bar the odd season. And the fact he knew full well what needed to be done to get there. 

  8. The own research lot really haven’t found that golden “hurrah” yet have they? It’s a bit like when you watch them far right lunatics with a leader saying “judgement day is coming” “we will shed the blood of them to fulfil our white destiny” etc etc 


    Everyone else is just getting on with life. It’s always always the same types. 

    It’s always the same types. 

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