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  1. Jesus she’s amazing I’m breaking up with my missus and going full throttle at this one.
  2. Perfection. Tell me why she isn’t. She’s on Have I Got News For You again here and she’s amazing.
  3. “Kopite Kenwright” the man died knowing the club he gave his everything to hated him. Scummy twats
  4. Yeah they showed him before the game. Commentator just said last time he was at the match he sacked Lampard.
  5. Keane? They started brightly but since they’ve been as bad as anything I’ve seen all season. They can’t afford to sack Dyche. Moshiri is there and all the snake
  6. Buy a membership Oy you. I’ve been on one.
  7. Always has been there. Well since that cup game in 97. Fucking hell cunt of a game but they were loud I’ll give them that
  8. He’s been an embarrassment. It’s like someone’s won a prize to go on there and talk about footy. I know he’s had his issues and no doubt he’s a talented footballer but fucking hell he’s got the intelligence of a fucking newt
  9. Fuck me it’s like talk sport. Just come out with some wild theory and you’ll get airtime and clicks. If you can cope with being called a cunt on twitter your quids in. I might start spouting that dandelions are in-fact Mexican spies and our borders are about to be over-run by Tijuana At the very least I might get a retweet off Julia Hartley-Brewdog
  10. It’s a cunt of a job. Ibuprofen pops out like a Tuesday morning turd.
  11. As Lee says if we get a first half goal and keep them out why not? We only need to draw 3:3 anyway and it’s extra time. I think they’d shit it. Problem is it’s an Italian team who only have to defend. Expect full blown rolling round the floor before the ref even blows the whistle to kick off.
  12. Bet you never told them though did you. Knew it you shithouse.
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