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  1. Ronnie O’Sullivan (1) v Mark Joyce

    Anthony McGill (16) v Ricky Walden

    Ding Junhui (9) v Stuart Bingham

    Stephen Maguire (8) v Jamie Jones


    John Higgins (5) v Tian Pengfei

    Mark Williams (12) v Sam Craigie

    Mark Allen (13) v Lyu Haotian

    Mark Selby (4) v Kurt Maflin


    Neil Robertson (3) v Liang Wenbo

    Jack Lisowski (14) v Ali Carter

    Barry Hawkins (11) v Matthew Selt

    Kyren Wilson (6) v Gary Wilson


    Shaun Murphy (7) v Mark Davis

    Yan Bingtao (10) v Martin Gould

    David Gilbert (15) v Chris Wakelin

    Judd Trump (2) v Liam Highfield

  2. 15 minutes ago, M_B said:

    All speculation.


    She'll be guilty of manslaughter and her life is over as she knows it. She fucked up and she'll pay for that, but there is no solid evidence she deliberately decided to kill the guy.


    Your turn - convince me she murdered him. Beyond reasonable doubt.

    Why do I need to convince you she murdered him? I offered situational observations. Have you ever held a taser and/or a loaded hand gun? Have you ever been trained in where and how to hold a weapon that could be used in combat? Have you ever had or even observed tactical armed scenarios? 


    I don't think she is guilty of murder beyond reasonable doubt. That doesn't mean that things can't be questioned. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, M_B said:

    Clearly not. She may not have even looked at the weapon. You have reached that conclusion but you weren't in that situation. It is rare, but it has happened on several other occasions - so it can happen.


    Not a chance any jury would find her guilty of murder on that video evidence.

    It's not 'clearly not' is it mate? What about the rest of what I said? officer 

  4. She held it long enough to know she was holding a gun with a full chamber and not a taser. She also should have known after at least a split second that she'd got the wrong weapon from the wrong part of her body, least of all the change in weight from her belt. Interesting that her partner was all of a sudden across the street when she said she'd shot the guy. What tactical reason did he have for being there, wasn't it him who originally had the lad pinned against the car? 

  5. I was scared a few times when he ended up on the ball in their half but apart from one Hendo 2015 ball into the box he did well. Unless you're a top quality CB your job is to get rid and he's got that in abundance. I think he's boss. First choice, no not even 3rd when all fit but fucking hell why didn't he play earlier in the season. He got MoM in his first full league game ffs.