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  1. Just now, littletedwest said:

    I reckon she'll live a few years. As for the monarchy going with her I doubt it. The great British public fall for any old shit. Could put an actual chimpanzee on the throne, once the mail says its OK with the sun they'll take it.

    As long as the chimpanzee is white caucasian of course 

  2. 38 minutes ago, Captain Willard said:

    I’d welcome him back. Always felt a bit uncomfortable with the opprobrium he got compared to other players who have also left for more money or bigger clubs like for example Gini or Suarez. If Mo left tomorrow for PSG on a £1m per month deal he wouldn’t get this hatred. Never felt right to me to hate an ex LFC player. 

    Very few players leave this club with hatred from the fans. Very very few. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Captain Willard said:

    The Queen clearly on her last legs and may not make it to the golden jubilee. It’s going to be very insightful how the country reacts when she goes. Will we get that weird Dianna hysteria again or have we emotionally changed as nation ? My money is on a (hopefully) slightly more restrained response. That whole Diana thing was very odd if you didn’t feel it. 

    An instant death at a young age from a woman who had left the royal circle..... It's not comparable. I fully expect an absolute outpouring of emotion on a scale this country has never seen and yet another chance for the tories to jump on the Britain is Great rhetoric. 



  4. 2 hours ago, Section_31 said:


    Said it before but I think Trump and the Republicans have thrived on the mindset created by evangelism.


    By that I mean, the ides of denying the evidence of your eyes and ears and hoping that somehow, someday, you're going to get the just rewards you're owed if you endure enough hardship and just keep the faith.


    When you see these American towns where homes are repossessed and shops are closed, but there's sboug15 churches on the same street. The idea that 'yes, it's shit, but if you keep praying shit is going to work out.' Don't blame the man, blame the devil. It's not like economics are within the control of man.


    The republicans seem to specialise in that. Their version of heaven is the imaginary 50s America, if you keep voting them one day you will be Kevin from the Wonder Years.

    Spot on. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, manwiththestick said:

    Netflix- okay but lots and lots of shite, swerve any exclusive films, can't think of a decent one yet.


    Amazon- better than Netflix for me, I tend to stumble onto more things to watch. Also have Starz through Amazon which has a few decent shows on it.

    We took a free Starz trial out the other day to watch Godfather of Harlem. What else is on there? I haven't looked 

  6. 28 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

    Watching Betis-Leverkusen, Fekir's had such a weird career. Very talented player hovering around at a pretty average club in his prime years. I wonder how we would have used him. Thought at the time it would be in a Firmino type position, but I think it would have been a bit how we use Elliott in right midfield. 

    Another player I was gutted when we didn't sign him but eventually glad we hadn't. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Barrington Womble said:

    It was all bad cringe that whole "being Liverpool". Made all the worse by bredan being on his full ego phase after just taking over. 

    It was horrifying. I've just watched that clip back for the first time in ages and fuck me....  2013/14 was an amazing season and I rate him as a manager but that first season everything was pure aids.