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    Are we, as a nation, becoming hysterical?

    I think if anything we aren't being hysterical enough and a revolution needs to happen. Fuck the tories
  2. Caviar on a brekkie is a new twist but thank fuck someone has remembered what heat is. Looks decent that.
  3. Bjornebye

    Billy Connolly.

    Hahaha “triggered” you couldn’t trigger an Alan Baldwin shooting scene you fucking broom handle x
  4. Bjornebye

    Billy Connolly.

    If it’s something you don’t find funny then it’s generally very funny. You’re about as sharp as a whales tongue.
  5. Bjornebye

    Boxing 2021

    Should be a big year particularly for the heavyweight division. That panorama documentary is on IPlayer and needs a watch.
  6. Bjornebye

    Billy Connolly.

    Sorry lads. Not a single (non family or close friends) death will hit me more than Billy. I hope I go before him.
  7. Bjornebye

    Billy Connolly.

    The greatest.
  8. If you think being genuinely worried about your health is people being miserable then fuck you Dave. COOK YOUR FUCKING FOOD
  9. Putting being a ginger toe sucking weirdo to one side , Uk number one at the time of the above mentioned game was this Status Quo cover by Paul Scholes daughter and long second toe connoisseur Alexandra Burke. Rumoured to be the original soundtrack for The Bill, this song reached 44 in Senegal and goes down in history as the only vinyl that was ever bought before a newspaper on a Monday morning in Sweden, Estonia and Oregon.
  10. Bjornebye

    Paul Scholes - He Sucks Toes

    I bet he still baths her the ginger cunt
  11. Bjornebye

    Match Threads Handover

    Someone else take over. Do a fucking good job as well. Good luck
  12. Bjornebye

    Stig Inge Bjornebye

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/third-liverpool-player-who-backed-15206088 But 21 years on it has been revealed how another Anfield favourite stood shoulder to shoulder with the striking dockers on the Seaforth picket line. It's a beautifully crafted tale written by Mike Henson on The Set Pieces site . And it highlights the unexpected social conscience displayed by Norwegian international Stig Inge Bjornebye who made 184 appearances for the Reds between 1992 and 1999. Now Sporting director at Rosenborg, Bjornebye explained: “It was a small visit. I took them by surprise after training one day. I was curious about the strike and the reasons behind it, so I went there and stopped for a bit. We were very privileged to play professional football and you had a situation where people are out of a job. “I was the one asking questions, because they were there every day. We had a good conversation. I remember it as a positive experience for me and for them.” Mike Henson also spoke to Tony Nelson, one of those who met Bjørnebye that day. And he added: “The thing we all liked was that there was nothing to Stig Inge’s visit. He just tagged himself to the end of the picket line of about 200 people. He never spoke to anyone beforehand or announced he was coming. “People started recognising him straight away but he was a quiet man, very understated. He just wanted to offer his support – not as a footballer particularly, just as a human being. “Other celebrities who came down would come right into the middle and speak to me or some of the other lads and ask about morale and the like, but not him. He wasn’t there to wear the shirt, or do this or that; he was there because he was Stig Inge Bjørnebye and he had a conscience.” The popular full-back made his decision to visit the picket line after asking team-mate Fowler what the strike was all about. “It’s always been important from my growing up to be aware of what’s going on around you,” Bjørnebye added. “Robbie was a local boy and when he did that gesture, I asked him a few questions about it. It was a bit of a discussion in the dressing room after the match if I remember right. “Some players want to think football and breathe football all the time to get through the training and matches. I am a little bit the opposite. I needed other things to occupy my mind with. “If I can contribute to people outside of football, and to political or cultural causes, that’s a thing I will do from time to time. I wouldn’t say I am an activist, but it’s important to care about other people as well.”
  13. Bjornebye

    Police are cunts

    Oh, no. Mis-read x
  14. Bjornebye

    Man Utd (A) - Sun 24th Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    This. This with every fibre of my being
  15. Bjornebye

    Man Utd (A) - Sun 24th Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Just said that, great to see Neville have a melt-down though
  16. Bjornebye

    Paul Scholes - He Sucks Toes

    It's a chicken
  17. Bjornebye

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    had her mum round for the match (Red) I'm fully expecting as soon as she leaves to be in for another 12 rounds. Like I'm arsed, just opened a bottle of Red and my smile is wider than Yokozunas arse crack