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  1. Bjornebye

    cracking stuff from Gerrard

    take it game by game. just aim to win your next fucking game and dont worry about anything else. that should be the plan for next season, not setting end of season targets, just win every fucking game.
  2. Bjornebye

    Android Phone Battery's

    cheers guys
  3. I've gopt a Samsung Galaxy Ace and lately the battery is draining super quick, even if I go on an app for 30 seconds it ebbs away much quicker than it should.... I noticed mine is really bad for this when I was down the pub on saturday and mates with similar phones are pissing about on you-tube and stuff for ages, if I did that my battery would fuck right off..... I've checked running applications on task manager and make sure I end all tasks.... still drains too quick? Also started reacting really slow and taking ages on the internet even when i'm at home hooked up to my wi-fi???? Any ideas????
  4. Bjornebye

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    haha wishful thinking !
  5. Bjornebye

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    give some realistic examples ????
  6. Bjornebye

    Carla Gugino

    I'd stalk it lad.
  7. Bjornebye


    Not at all, it's comments like that which cause you to get grief. weirdo.
  8. Bjornebye

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    that gaston ramirez free kick was boss yesterday. reminded me of nakamura against the mancs for celtic.
  9. Bjornebye


    No. or I would have. I'm unsure why on earth they let prisoners on the nonce wing have internet access. why do you hate rafa so much?
  10. Bjornebye

    Leon Knight vs Jamie O'Hara

    Lets just remind ourselves that we would ALL happily plate the girl all over the sandon
  11. Bjornebye


    someone sum this up for sebastian haff?
  12. Bjornebye

    Gaston Ramierz...

    fray bentos is the capital of the rio negro department of western Uruguay. so is he allowed to spend all game telling Evra where he is from?
  13. Bjornebye

    Manc with Hillsborough Tattoo

    lowest of the low some sick mancs on there defending him too.... Ive had murder at the match with a red singing munich songs before. he was only about 18 as well and his mates started piping up, thankfully the vast majority were agreeing with me but the stuff they were coming out with was vile. never seen a red with a munich tattoo though.... disgusting behaviour.
  14. Bjornebye

    cracking stuff from Gerrard

    lets hope the other lot have got the same fucking attitude. that goes for skrtel, enrique, henderson, downing and johnson especially.
  15. Bjornebye

    Leon Knight vs Jamie O'Hara

    I doubt this was just a random outburst of abuse? Something must have triggered this? Unless Knight is actually Tony Manero? vile prick though even though she is an absolute box.
  16. Bjornebye

    Your normal Breakfast

    wank, fag, cup of tea, bowl of cheerios.
  17. win the league, win the cup, go to europe too. play the toffee's for a laugh and leave them feeling blue. cheers.
  18. Bjornebye


    Listen, bastards, keep away from this thread or we'll throw bodies out the door one at a time.
  19. Bjornebye


    Listen, bastards, keep away from this thread or we'll throw bodies out the door one at a time.
  20. without a doubt. it's holding us back ....
  21. Love this hostel stuff and the compo comments. belter. isn't compo dead? you can be greengrass.
  22. Bjornebye

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    if we have shown the slightest interest, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be spurs.
  23. I can't help myself. One hand ferociously barking on here the other down my pants. It's adolescence. don't fuck with nature. and stop contradicting yourself thread by thread.
  24. agree with you on that front. slags and cunts all of em. apart from diana.