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  1. Here's a charcoal drawing from one of lifetime fans leftover sausage.
  2. Hawkwind

    Premier League - 2013/2014 Fixtures

    Everton on a Tuesday night :/
  3. Hawkwind

    "Luis Suarez - intentionally diabolical"

    Whether Luis wants to stay or not, what would Rodgers/owners do if we are offered a shitload of money for him at the end of the season as they were happy to offload Agger if stupid money was thrown in for him.
  4. Hawkwind


    As i said in the first post i am not allowed yet, got to get to 15 posts first.
  5. Hawkwind


    I`m not currently allowed to post links but its on the huffington post website. Some vermin has inked his arse with a munich 58 tattoo. Someone needs to take a sharp knife and carve that fucking thing from his arse then kick some sense into him.
  6. Hawkwind

    Electric Blankets

    I`ve got one, i fucking hate rolling in cold spunk.
  7. Hawkwind

    Tesco burgers found to contain horse meat

    This explains why my son had a long face when he had burgers as his mane course.
  8. Hawkwind

    Manc with Hillsborough Tattoo

    Looks like the scum and his mates are running scared now, his mate @iandangerously twitter account is now protected. Mummys brave little soldiers the net is closing in.