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  1. firelightez

    Adam Lallana

    geez, reading some of the posts from the start of the year on this thread...how opinions change.
  2. firelightez

    Philippe Coutinho

    The real question is, whether Coutinho can convince Neymar to join the Klopp revolution?!!
  3. firelightez

    Liverpool vs Chelsea (Apr 27 2014)

    I hope he starts. Him and raheem to utilise their pace to get behind the chelsea bus and ensure that we have a solid start as per usual. Anyway, he was supposed to be near fitness for the norwich game, he should be fit for this one
  4. firelightez

    Liverpool vs Man City (Apr 13 2014)

    Havent posted in a while. In fact, been lurking for the past year or so. But im breaking that today because i feel its going to be special. Special enough that i clicked the sign in button. We can really do this. the atmospheres going to be mental. i havent felt this way since 05; and since was born after our last league triumph, this feeling of being so close to the title, with a legitimate chance (09, while we were challenging, i always felt united would somehow spawn the title), is completely alien. Im shivering, nervous, excited, sick, hungry and simultaneously full. I have an assignment due tommorow morning but i dont care. Ill gladly fail it to see us beat city and have half a hand on the title.
  5. firelightez

    Man United (H) 01/09/2013

    Fuck yeah. I can now watch the NLD in peace.
  6. 1. Coutinho 2. Henderson 3. Enrique
  7. firelightez

    West Brom(H) Match Thread

    i hope skrtel doesnt play, lukaku will probably destroy him
  8. Great report Dave, agreed on everything especially on how good sturridge was. Also, slight error, it was 1-1 at half time, not 0-1.
  9. firelightez

    "Luis Suarez - intentionally diabolical"

    Suarez attempts to roundhouse kick Scotty Parker back to the 50's. Intentionally Diabolical
  10. firelightez

    Most Disliked Non-Rivals Side?

    Arsenal. I just despise their fans nowadays; always acting as if theyre going to challenge every year for the title, and then when the going gets tough, immediately call for the players/wengers head. Possibly the most fickle fans ive ever met.
  11. firelightez

    Anzhi Matchthread

    i would start cole, at least get something out of a guy who were paying 90k a week to