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  1. We created nothing though. They could have had 3 or 4 in the first half.
  2. They played well and deserved the win, simple as that. Just like we played well against City and deserved the win. People read way too much into these games. We deserve to be where we are, as do they.
  3. Pan77

    Emre Can

    No, nothing like that at all. Markovic is dreadful. I can’t recall one decent game he’s played for us against a shite team never mind a good one. Can has had plenty of very good games against very good teams. He has huge potential, Markovic doesn’t. Unfortunately Can lacks consistency and playing next to someone who can carry more of a burden would massively improve his game (see Lovren and VVD).
  4. Pan77

    Emre Can

    In the ‘big’ games he’s probably been our best midfielder over the last couple of seasons. I’m sad to see him go, I think with a very good midfielder playing next to him he’d step up to the next level.
  5. Pan77


    Yep, absolutely dire. I honestly think if we could get a decent keeper now (pretty much impossible as no one available) we’d have a chance of winning something. As it stands we have fuck all chance as our keepers simply don’t win games for us.
  6. Pan77


    I agree, he’s not good enough but at least he’s impacted some matches (positively) he’s featured in. I can’t recall one positive from any game Karius has played in, he might as well not be on the pitch.
  7. Pan77


    The thought of Karius in goal for big Champions League games (should we get there) is absolutely horrifying. I just don’t see how people think he’s better than Ming.
  8. Pan77

    Virgil Van Dijk

    A decent debut however people need to remember it was against the Ev. They’re no Burnley.
  9. Pan77


    Karius is worse than Ming. He’s always on his heels, always slow to react. The way he sets himself is bizarre. Watch their goal from behind the goal. It was a great finish but look at how he sets himself, he gives himself no chance whatsoever. I’m afraid it’s be sick or vomit with keeper number 1 or keeper number 2.
  10. Pan77


    Cheers. Both absolutely shite.
  11. Pan77


    Be interesting to see stats for Karius in Champs league. He probably worse!
  12. Good performance, unlucky to not get 3 points. The criticism on here is crazy. Yep we’ve made a lot of individual errors this season but the actual performances have been decent. Even in the City game I thought we were the better team until the sending off. We were never going to win the league with the signings we made in the summer so consolidating top 4 should be our aim. We’re there or there abouts despite some infuriating results. Onwards and upwards.
  13. Front 3 decent, midfield average, back 4 and keeper shite. Basically we need 9 out 10 performances across the board to win.
  14. Pan77

    D-Day. Liverpool at home, on Sunday

    Thought we played ok first half but like most games this season we can’t finish teams off. Shite defending or not we should have score 2 or 3 before half time. How the ref didn’t give at least 1 pen is beyond me. My beef is with the second half. Klopp obviously gave them a rocket but it didn’t work. We were inept against a shite Newcastle team. As posted hundreds of times we just don’t have any leaders which is killing us.
  15. The worm has to turn at some point. Saying that, we'll probably end up beating all the shit teams this season and losing to all the decent ones.