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  1. we are gonna have some great chances but wont be able to score. we will desperately need someone to come in and score but we wont have anyone capable on the bench. they will then score 2 off of 2 shots. al liverpool fans then point out that any other day we would have won this. they will ignore the fact that having a pathetic bench fucked us over. we will then go ahead and lose the next league game. and still no fucking signing. FUCKKK OFF
  2. hope lucas is gone this month. i still cant believe how he is still around
  3. i have got money on a clean sheet for us. do not fucking let me down liverpool
  4. Jhinge Machha

    Other football 2016/17.

    fuck the league cup and start the youngsters
  5. Jhinge Machha

    Ragnar Klavan

    what a fucking player. thats what a proper defender should be, very composed and fucking ace
  7. Yup. It's on the free national nbc channel today.
  8. Jhinge Machha

    Other football 2016/17.

    yes. next game against tottenham
  9. Jhinge Machha

    Other football 2016/17.

    fucking stoke cunts. they equalize for the second time. make it 2-2 and not even a min later chelsea make it 3-2. cunts
  10. Jhinge Machha

    Other football 2016/17.

    spurs 1 down against southampton within minutes
  11. Jhinge Machha

    Roberto Firmino

    probably to have a chance to ask him about the incident
  12. if only we had coutinho back fit. he would be guaranteed a screamer against these. maybe sturridge will
  13. Jhinge Machha

    Dejan Lovren

    was a yellow away from getting to five and would've missed the city game. we need him and klavan in until matip is ready
  14. need sturridge going in full of confidence against city
  15. terrible on their goal from migs. but good save for that allen shot
  16. JURGEN FUCKING KLOPP everybody. post that in teh klopp thread, i dont want it hiddne in the match threadsas
  17. Jhinge Machha

    Ragnar Klavan

    hopefully no more lucas as cb when we got klavan
  18. on my stream, lee dixon was going on about sturridge;s ability to get a shot off out of nowhere. honestly thats why i love watching sturridge - if only he could be more fitter
  19. just hope that klopp doesnt wait too long to make subs
  20. pretty much. they will come pumped out, we just have to weather it and steal a goal