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  1. 34 minutes ago, Strontium Dog™ said:


    What you said was that victory in WW2 was "actually accomplished by the one ideology that righties are always banging on about that they hate".


    All I did was point out that victory could have been achieved without such a terrible loss of Russian life, and that throwing corpses at the Nazi war machine isn't a particularly great advert for the Stalin regime.


    My argument is that victory wasn't accomplished by the ideology, so much as with sheer force of numbers, which is something the Russians would have had whoever was in charge. I don't see this as particularly controversial.

    I'll leave you to parse the question of what role the ideology played in winning the war, defeating the Nazis, and ending the holocaust. 


    And whether or not it could have been achieved with the loss of fewer Russian lives.


    As I said, there's just no pleasing some people.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Strontium Dog™ said:


    Not sure where your point was proven, exactly, because surely the Nazis could have been defeated without quite such a colossally futile loss of life.


    the one ideology that righties are always banging on about that they hate

    They end the war, defeat the Nazis, stop the Holocaust, and yet it's not enough, as they didn't do it as efficiently as possible.


    There's just no pleasing some people.

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  3. 45 minutes ago, Strontium Dog™ said:

    Not sure sending millions of undersupplied peasants to their doom is a tremendous advert for the Soviet ideology, if I'm honest.

    I'd say the defeat of the Nazis was the one event which you could say was a tremendous advert for the Soviet ideology.


    It took one monstrous regime to defeat another.


    But thanks for proving my point.



  4. 3 minutes ago, A Red said:

    Its celebrating the end of the war and sacrifice in the defeat of the one ideology that lefties are always banging on about that they hate,  what is there not to like?

    The fact that it was actually accomplished by the one ideology that righties are always banging on about that they hate?

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  5. 2 hours ago, Mook said:

    It's a body double for her in that nude scene.


    Mudbound (Netflix), this was well above the usual 'A Netflix Film' standard, this was about the war, families, racism & some other stuff. Set in the deep south during the 2nd World War. Worth a watch.

    Even the initial frontal nudity?


    I feel almost as hoodwinked Sergeant Howie.

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    Enjoyed them both. 


    I think the former could have dealt with the victims a bit more, to give the movie more emotional heft, but I still think it a good story, and an excellent example of the importance of the press (however belatedly).


    I didn't know what the latter was about going in. I can't decide if it's a condemnation of Catholicism, or humanity as a whole.

  7. 21 minutes ago, AngryofTuebrook said:


    It seems Livingston was talking about the words of Muhammad; fuck all to do with his marriage. 


    It looks like, in your rush to attack a prominent Muslim, you're less committed to accuracy than a cunt who works for the S*n.


    It's not a good look. 

    So you're saying we shouldn't conflate the liberal ideas of Cyril Smith with his sexual predilections?

  8. Approximately 80% of the deaths that have occurred so far in Quebec have occurred in senior living facilities, etc.


    I think (hope to God) that must be an extreme example, but if the UK is not recording those deaths, or some proportion of those deaths, the numbers can't be accurate.