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  1. 1 hour ago, Rico1304 said:

    Now this creates a very interesting dilemma.  You now acknowledge that there’s evidence that UK Muslims views on homosexuality aren’t in line with modern thinking (I think you used the word atrocious).  You also advocate asking individuals of their views.  So, are you going to ask any Muslims you encounter their individual views on the subject as you suggest?  I bet you aren’t.   You’ll do what I do, accept it’s possible and just get on with things. 

    Not "possible", "likely".


    Do you actually think that the next Muslim person you meet is likely to believe in FGM and honour killing?

  2. 1 hour ago, AngryofTuebrook said:



    If you meet a Christian or Jew, you'll assume they have "outdated views " - like, what, belief in God or something?

    If you meet a Muslim, you'll assume it's likely that they support atrocities.


    Do you see why people think you might have a specific problem with your attitude to Muslims?


    Does anyone actually think that the next Muslim person they meet is likely to believe in FGM and honour killing?


    I don't live in the UK, and perhaps things are different over there, but from here in Canada I can't say that notion has ever entered my head.



  3. Ask Tim Farron.


    Voting against a law that made it illegal for public services to be denied to gay people

    Voting to allow registrars not to carry out gay marriages if they object on religious grounds

    Voting to increase protections for people who don’t want to conduct or participate in a same sex marriage ceremony

    Voting to make it illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of their beliefs about the definition of marriage

    Farron also abstained from a key vote on legalising gay marriage, despite voting in favour of it previously.

    In 2007, he went against his party by voting against the landmark Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations, which criminalised many types of discrimination against gay people. 



    Kudos to Farron for having the courage of his convictions: it's one thing to answer a question in a newspaper survey, it's quite another to repeatedly vote in Parliament for actual legal restrictions to, or against expansion of, LGTBQ rights.



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  4. Are they starting up schools full bore, or starting with part-time, or having part classes a couple days a week, etc?


    A gradual approach, as a means to limit the potential negative effects, while gathering information on how best to go forward/prepare for the (autumn).



  5. He used to preach hate against Mexicans, and Moslems, and the deep state, etc. His solutions were simple: build a wall, stop immigration, drain the swamp. Straw men with straw solutions.


    His problem is the enemy this time is a real threat, it's killing Americans by the thousands, and he has no answers.